Law and Order SVU Law & Order: SVU Icon Challenge [Hiatus]

nikki8green6 posted on May 03, 2010 at 05:09PM
I've seen and played this game on the CM Girls spot and it's pretty fun so I've decided to start it here.

Here's how the game works;
1. A subject for the round is chosen:
* The subject can be whatever you want- a particular episode, season, 1 or more characters, etc.
2. No stealing icons or you're out of the game.
* Don't use icons you've made in the past.
3. A pick will go up for voting:
* There will be 5-7 days for voting.
4. The winner chooses the next subject:
* If the winner doesn't pick a topic within 3 days of winning, I'll pick the next subject.
* The winner is still allowed to compete in the next round.
5. If you've participated in past rounds and do not see your name in the participants list, let me know and I will add you.

Round 1 Winner ~ Eline_K
Round 2 Winner ~ HuddyJoy0524
Round 3 Winner ~ RosalynCabenson
Round 4 Winner ~ nikki8green6
Round 5 Winner ~ RosalynCabenson
Round 6 Winner ~ HuddyJoy0524
Round 7 Winner ~ Eline_K
Round 8 Winner ~ NCIS_Addict_87
Round 9 Winner ~ Eline_K
Round 10 Winner ~ Eline_K
Round 11 Winner ~ NCIS_Addict_87
Round 12 Winner ~ NariJames
Round 13 Winner ~ slonyaffka
Round 14 Winner ~ Eline_K
Round 15 Winner ~ HuddyJoy0524
Round 16 Winner ~ slonyaffka
Round 17 Winner ~ slonyaffka
Round 18 Winner ~ HuddyJoy0524
Round 19 Winner ~ nikki8green6
Round 20 Winner ~ RosalynCabenson
Round 21 Winner ~ NariJames
Round 22 Winner ~ slonyaffka
Round 23 Winner ~ nikki8green6
Round 24 Winner ~ RosalynCabenson
Round 25 Winner ~ KenzieR
Round 26 Winner ~ KenzieR
Round 27 Winner ~ annaliese86
Round 28 Winner ~ jessiegrl
Round 29 Winner ~ Mackenziegrl
Round 30 Winner ~ nikki8green6
Round 31 Winner ~ mandi910
Round 32 Winner ~ nikki8green6
Round 33 Winner ~ KenzieR
Round 34 Winner ~ brileyforever77
Round 35 Winner ~ brileyforever77
Round 36 Winner ~ KenzieR
Round 37 Winner ~ NariJames
Round 38 Winner ~ annaliese86
Round 39 Winner ~ KenzieR
Round 40 Winner ~ annaliese86
Round 41 Winner ~ NariJames
Round 42 Winner ~ CMFan
Round 43 Winner ~ Mackenziegrl
Round 44 Winner ~ KenzieR
Round 45 Winner ~ NariJames
Round 46 Winner ~ Mackenziegrl


Round 1: 2x01- Wrong is Right
Round 2: 'Girl Power'
Round 3: The A.D.A.s of SVU
Round 4: Anyone from the Stabler family
Round 5: Captain Cragen in 2x16- Runaway
Round 6: M.E. Warner
Round 7: Fin
Round 8: Alexandrea Cabot
Round 9: Any Injured Character
Round 10: Fin & Munch Together
Round 11: Guest Stars
Round 12: Olivia & Calvin
Round 13: 12x13- Mask
Round 14: Christine Lahti a.k.a. as A.D.A. Sonya Paxton
Round 15: Victims
Round 16: Elliot/Olivia
Round 17: Cross-Overs
Round 18: Perps
Round 19: Casey Novak
Round 20: Interrogation
Round 21: Best of Elliot Stabler
Round 22: GUNS
Round 23: Nick Amaro
Round 24: Elliot & A.D.A. Cabot
Round 25: Amanda Rollins & Nick Amaro
Round 26: Mariska Hargitay
Round 27: A.D.A. Barba
Round 28: 5x15- Families
Round 29: Season 7
Round 30: Olivia {Close Up}
Round 31: Outside
Round 32: At a Desk
Round 33: Bright
Round 34: Guest Stars
Round 35: Elliot & Olivia 2
Round 36: Elliot & Fin
Round 37: Season 1
Round 38: Night
Round 39: Undercover
Round 40: No longer with us (retired, died or just moved on)
Round 41: Cassidy & Benson
Round 42: Captain Cragen
Round 43: Olivia Benson Captive
Round 44: B&W
Round 45: Formal Ware
Round 46: Blurred Background
Round 47:
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over a year ago nikki8green6 said…
Round 13: CLOSED
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago nikki8green6 said…
Round 14 is now open for submissions...
over a year ago Eline_K said…
Here's mine:

Here's mine:<br />
<br />
over a year ago slonyaffka said…
over a year ago nikki8green6 said…
Great icons ladies:)
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Here's mine.
Here's mine.
over a year ago nikki8green6 said…
I'll make the pick for this round in 2 days.....
over a year ago nikki8green6 said…
Round 14: CLOSED
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
So someone has just introduced me to this wonderful place called picknik, and they tell me that i dont really NEED adobe photoshop. which means i can make icons again.

guess who is planning to re-join the icon contests, baby! :D
over a year ago Eline_K said…
Great! Welcome back!

p.s. if you want a program much like photoshop, only simpler and free, I'd suggest Paint.NET. It's a great program that you can download online for free legally.
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
^^^Really? Sweet. Thanks! :)
over a year ago nikki8green6 said…
Round 15: Victims is now open foe submissions.....
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
quick question: does anyone remember the episode where olivia is helping this girl that is pregnant, shes like a teen. the 2 get really close and then the girl dies or something and entrusts the care of her baby to liv?

could be an interesting icon but i gotta find a
over a year ago nikki8green6 said…
I kinda remember what episode you're talking about but can't think of the name of the episode... I'll check around though:)
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
big smile
^^^Thanks @nikki! :)
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Could it be the episode called Savior?

Here's my icon:
Could it be the episode called Savior?
<br />

<br />
Here's my icon:
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
^^^YESSSSSS!!! It was Savior! OMG. Thank you lol
over a year ago magiemarie said…
here is m ine
here is m ine
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Mine! :)
Mine! :)
over a year ago Eline_K said…
@magiemarie : Icons have to be square. Maybe you can adjust yours so that it's a square?

Anyways, here's mine, the girl from 911:
@magiemarie : Icons have to be square. Maybe you can adjust yours so that it's a square?<br />
<br />
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
@ElineK one of my favorite episodes! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time...
over a year ago magiemarie said…
big smile
what is the topic because that 911 is my favorit ep i will just change mine then
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
The topic is "victims." @nikki put it at the top of the forum post beneath the participants.
over a year ago nikki8green6 said…
@magiemarie: You can still use that image for this round's topic you just need to change the size of the image...

Here's mine for this round..
@magiemarie: You can still use that image for this round's topic you just need to change the size of
over a year ago slonyaffka said…
Mine :)

Mine :)<br />
<br />