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Law And Order, The Singing Detectives Unit

SVU | Radioactive In The Dark

Rafael Barba | Applause

Rafael Barba | Oh No!

「 ʀᴀғᴀᴇʟ ʙᴀʀʙᴀ | ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ. 」

Rafael Barba | Uptown Funk

(( I'm a Good Cop))

(( Some Of Us Don't Need to Be Saved ))

((Gone Are The Chances ))

(( She's Got Me Thinking About Her Constantly ))

(( I'll Be The One If You Want Me Too))

(( I Know That It's Gonna Take Some Time ))

Baby, I don't need a parachute ||Bensaro||

(( Friends For Life )) ( Bensaro Tribute )

Law & Order SVU - Forgiving Rollins

Law and Order SVU Season 17 Promo

Elliot Stabler-Stronger

Elliot Stabler-Hurt

Elliot and Olivia-Everything Changes

Elliot and Olivia-Remember When

Olivia Benson-So Cold

E/O - What If I Told You

Olivia Benson & Amanda Rollins - Heart of Glass

Olivia Benson & Amanda Rollins - Distance

Amanda Rollins & Olivia Benson // Secret

How You Remind Me- Elliot Stabler

SVU- "It's not the first time, but this one really carved it in"

Nobody is Perfect-Olivia Benson Elliot Stabler

I'll go wherever you will go- Elliot & Olivia // Olivia & David

SVU Olivia Benson

L&O SVU/ Tribute Elliot Stabler

SVU : David & Olivia - You Found Me

My Immortal-SVU EO

Law & Order SVU // Casey Novak // Beautiful

Little best of Olivia / Casey / Alex

SVU : Olivia Benson - Alchemy

Casey Novak ~ Fix You

Olivia and Elliot. The first cut is the deepest

Olivia Benson- I wanna swim away.

SVU- Elliot coming back (Re-upload no music)

Law and Order SVU.wmv

Merry Christmas SVU 2.0!

My fave Olivia/Elliot moments

Sterling Beaumon Plays a Bad Boy on Law & Order SVU

I Want To Hold Your Hand, EO

Season 13 Sneak Peek

El and Liv Hug "Pursuit"

Season 13 PromosX3

L&O SVU Bloopers

Elliot and Olivia // My life would suck without them

Law and Order SVU Bombshell

Ian Somerhalder On Law & Order:SVU

Walk Away _ E/O

L&O SVU - 7X04 (4) (Paul Wesley - guest star)

L&O SVU - 7X04 (3)

L&O SVU - 7X04 (2) (Paul Wesley - guest star)

L&O SVU - 7X04 (1) (Paul Wesley - guest star)

Law & Order SVU episode "Ripped" - Paul Wesley Guest star

Promo for SMOKED

Season 12 Bubbleblooper

Elliot_Olivia (Law and Order SVU)_Me Against The Music

Mariska Hargitay_Fashion

Mariska Hargitay_Chris Meloni_ 2 Hearts

Law and Order SVU_12.18 Bully.wmv

Elliot_Olivia_With You

Law and Order SVU Olivia_Elliot_Bonnie&Clyde

SVU-Calling All Angels

Law and Order SVU_Bombshell Promo Pics

Law and Order SVU/12.16 Spectacle/12.17 Pursuit/The Olivia/Elliot Moments

BOMBSHELL bubbltweet

Olivia_Elliot Something About You

Olivia vs.Dani_Like Me

Olivia_Elliot_My Life Would Suck Without You


Olivia_Elliot _ If I Had You

Olivia_Elliot (Law and Order SVU)_Only Girl

Mariska Hargitay_Chris Meloni_Obsession

Olivia_Elliot (Law and Order SVU)_If It´s Lovin´ That You Want

Brennan_Booth (Bones) and Olivia_Elliot (Law And Order SVU) Grenade

Mariska Hargitay_Who´s That Chick

Mariska Hargitay_Chris Meloni_Just The Way You Are

Olivia Benson_Club Can´t Handle Me

Olivia_Elliot(Law and Order SVU)_My Boo

Mariska Hargitay_Senorita

Brennan_Booth_Olivia_Elliot_Breathe You In

Emily Deschanel_Stana Katic_Mariska Hargitay_Only Girl

Mariska Hargitay_Chris Meloni_Whats My Name

SVU censored =)

12x08 Penetration Promo

S12E07 - Trophy - Previews 1 - 6

SVU Episode Behave Message s

SVU Bubbletweet Merchandise

Mariska & Skeet Ulrich Interview (Behave)

SVU Season 12 Promo

Emmy 2010: Mariska and Chris

Bubble Tweet Season 12 Chris Meloni

Season 12 bubbletweet #3

2nd Season 12 Bubbletweet

Olivia;Elliot - Draw The Line [SVU]

Olivia Benson - Dreamcatcher