Full name: Zhang Yi Xing
Birthday: October 7th 1991
Stage name: Lay
Group responsibility: Lead Dancer
Badge: Unicorn
Ability: To heal
Blood type: A
Weight (2012): 6okg
Height (2012) : 177cm
Horoscope: Libra
Specialty: Dance, Piano, Guitar
He loves eating ‘junk food’
He shared a room with Luhan but recently the arrangement changed and he is now sharing a room with Chen.
For SHINee’s concert in 2010, he filled in for Jonghyun
He composes and writes his own music and lyrics
He was voted most humorous in the band by Exo-M members
Kris had described him as naughty but funny
His favorite song from MAMA album is Two Moons
Received 3rd place award in 2005 TV Star Academy
His ideal type is more of a ‘home’ person, who is cute and filial
He practices and trains ALOT
He is a powerful performer on stage but quite playful and fun offstage
Lay likes to sleep on the floor of the living room because its cool (temperature)
He sleeps very strongly. Nothing disturbs his sleep.
If given a day off he will spend it with his Grandparents
Lay is very ticklish around his neck area
Lay would date himself if he was a girl
Lay has a bracelet that his mom gave to me and he has never taken it off. He’s worn it to sleep, bath, even photo shoots. Unfortunately, he lost one out of the eight pieces
He is a perfectionist
He is considered the mood maker in Exo-M
He has a blank expression (very comical) not much expressions
He is considered Exo-M’s ‘Model Student’
Lay would insure his waist if he receives a ten billion won insurance
He takes baths when he’s feeling stressed
His favorite colors are black and purple
Lay didn’t learn dance before he entered the company
Lay choose Mashimaro and Shin Chan Nohara (Bart simpson of Japan), as the cartoon characters that best describes himself
Lay is forgetful, hence he frequently enters and exits the house
Lay won’t cry in front of the other Exo-m members but will prefer to lay in his bed alone and cry
He is easy going
He is inspired by his grandparents
He isn’t tidy with clothes
He loves his grandparents very much
He can’t eat spicy food
He prefers Japanese fashion
He wears everyone’s socks (xD)
Lay cooks whenever there is nothing else to do
He was supposed to be the leader of Exo-M