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Lea Abuse Must Stop!

Opinion by pompeybabe posted over a year ago
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A lot of people, reviewers and fashion stylists mostly have been complaining (although I believe it to more bullying) about Lea's nose.

I think I speak for all of us here when I say...WTF!!!!

According to many people Lea needs a nose job to be considered a REAL actress. Okay, where do I start...

Firstly, acting is about talent and passion. Lea clearly has this as she has demonstrated it on the stage and in Glee, which may I add is one of he best TV shows in America and is certainly popular over here in the UK!

Secondly, looks have nothing to do with being a good actress/actor. Only nasty and insecure people base talent on a persons appearence.

Finaly, I myself have an "unnatractive" nose as I like to call it. I personally do not like my nose but clearly Lea does! I wouldnt dare dream of changing my face because somebody I have never met in my entire life has all of a sudden decided that I should in order to have a career.

People really need to consider people's feelings when they speak of others, especially if you have never met them. Lea is a talented young woman, and she is incredibly beautiful. Sorry about being all fan-girly about this, but it really pissed me off.

Fin <--- Ive always wanted to write that!
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Liizzzyy said:
I agree with you. People are way too superficial and it's annoying. I wish people were just recognised for their talent over their looks.

Plus, I think she looks gorgeous as she is. Like, she looks crazy good. Why change that?
posted over a year ago.
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WOW! They're so stupid! She shouldn't listen to them! She probably looks way better than they do!
posted over a year ago.
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To be honest, it wasn't until that one Glee episode that I noticed something was "wrong" with her nose. I think she looks beautiful. She has an amazing voice. Her album is perfection. I really look up to her.
posted 11 months ago.