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Opinion by abradecraba posted over a year ago
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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
I read AudreyFreak's article describing the personality of the Disney Princesses according to the Myers-Briggs test. To read this fantastic article, click link.

No doubt about it, I love Disney, I have all my life. As a psychology student, what fascinates me most are the characters. They were memorable, endearing, and stuck with most of us throughout our lives. But, as characters, they (most of the time) have a distinct personality. It helps us (the audience) relate to them more, and develop a connection to them as they go on their adventure, and, ultimately, root for them to get their happy ending. Today, I'm here to analyze and further that connection to the characters we all know and love.

In the spirit of gender equality (I do consider myself to be a feminist) I thought it only fair to bring to light the men of Disney. Here's something that interests me, though, the women are called "Disney Princesses", yet the men are called "Disney Heroes."– I love Disney, but I also personally hate the Disney Princess franchise, treating...
Opinion by MusicMaker95 posted over a year ago
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Okay okay, who hasn't rated their favorite and least favorite princes?!! Here's my personal list.

9. Shang. Ew. Enough said. I hate Mulan!

8. Aladdin. Always getting into trouble, doesn't seem trustworthy. He looks like a 13 boy going through puberty! Ick.

7. Prince from Snow White...with no name. Obviously I feel the same way the rest of you do, he doesn't have anything to him. Although, I do wonder, where did you guys get the whole lipstick thing? He's just pale. Silly hat.

6.Prince Charming. I don't have a problem with him, he's just shallow.

5. Naveen. Full of it. What makes him special?!! He doesn't do anything noteworthy!

4. Eric. I hate the Little Mermaid but he is hot. And he's willing to fight for the stupid girl.

3. Phillip. Dashing, funny, and in a good way, clueless. Plus, he's not super sticky Mr. Ultra Charm dude.

2. John Smith and John Rolfe. I LIKE THEM BOTH!!! In the first movie John Smith is hot, he's got personality, and he'll fight for her. But in the second he wimps out. So John Rolfe is my favorite in the second. I hate it when they have two good...
Guide by alafastanzio posted over a year ago
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It has been stated by numerous Disney animators that the least favorite of tasks was animating a leading male. Most only had experience with the goofy or anthropomorphic sidekicks, the lovely leading ladies, and the coveted villains. This was largely because these characters could be expressive and dynamic. In the early years of Disney it was considered taboo for the Leading Man to be anything but debonair and charming which often restrained the artist to the confines of the masculine standard. Nonetheless the job had to be done, and still the animator selected for the job took great pride in their work.

Like most people are aware, various female celebrities were used as artistic inspiration for the Disney Princesses (i.e. Alyssa Milano, Audrey Hepburn, etc.) since they epitomized beauty for their particular decade. Conversely, the same goes for the male celecrities. Here are a handful of men who may have inspired the Princes of Disney either directly or indirectly. Keep in mind, this list is ultimately incomplete as the voice actors and live action models contributed as well, these just happen to be the more recognizable names and faces.