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Wait for your salary 你等着发工资吧  pleasesister 0 575 over a year ago
Which is easier 哪个更容易  pleasesister 0 533 over a year ago
Fall to my love 爱上我  pleasesister 0 434 over a year ago
The Origin of Chinese Mid-Autumn Day  gangking08 0 585 over a year ago
Chinese Mid-autumn Day  gangking08 0 449 over a year ago
Let me take it down 为我所用  gangking08 0 655 over a year ago
School-Go slow 学校----慢行  gangking08 0 744 over a year ago
Does the dog know the proverb, too? 狗也知道这个谚语吗?  gangking08 0 609 over a year ago
The difference between“nǐ”and “nín”  veronicalee 2 671 over a year ago
Chinese Valentine’s Day  gangking08 0 424 over a year ago
I Wasn't Listening 我没有在听  gangking08 0 605 over a year ago
Synonym=Bad Language 同义词=骂人  gangking08 0 739 over a year ago
drink like a fish 牛饮  gangking08 0 574 over a year ago
A Dying Man's Favorite Cookies 临死者最爱吃的小甜饼  gangking08 0 531 over a year ago
S.O.B. 狗娘养的  gangking08 0 807 over a year ago
Very Pleased to Meet You 很高兴认识你  gangking08 0 791 over a year ago
Perfect Match 绝 配  gangking08 0 551 over a year ago
The Sun and the Moon 太阳和月亮  gangking08 0 643 over a year ago
Illegible: Essay or Criticism? 难以辨认:论文还是评语?  gangking08 0 650 over a year ago
Comparison 比较  gangking08 0 686 over a year ago