Lee Hi is a solo singer under YG Entertainment. Lee Hi made her first appearance on Survival K-Pop Star, where she was runner-up to winner Park Jimin. She was then signed to YG, where she was placed as the fourth member of vocal group Supearls.

In October 2012 she made her first official appearance on Epik High‘s comeback teaser track, It’s Cold. She then went on to debut with the soulful track 1,2,3,4, and has subsequently topped various charts.

Name: Lee Hi
Korean: 이하이)
Birthname: Lee Hayi

Company: YG Entertainment

Debut date: October 29, 2012

D.O.B: September 23, 1996
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Blood type: B
Hometown: Bucheon
Education: Seoul Performing Arts School


Because her speaking voice is so low, she often got mistaken for a boy when she was younger.
Family: One sister.