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Woman with a Suitcase] 캐리어를 끄는 여자 ep.08 Lee Joon was misunderstood as gay 20161018

Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 - 2PM, Lee Joon, Kim Jiwoo [ENG/中文字幕/2016.09.26]

Interview with the main actors of movie "Luck Key" [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.09.26]

Showbiz Korea _ Yoo Hae jin(유해진), Lee Joon(이준) Interview _ Movie [LUCK KEY]

섹션TV 연예통신 : Section TV, Lee Joon #17, 이준 20140223

섹션TV 연예통신 : Section TV, Lee Joon #16, 이준 20140223

MBLAQ(엠블랙) - 이준(Lee Joon)이 A+에게

Korean Movie 배우는 배우다 (Rough Play, 2013) 예고편 (Trailer)

Lee Joon - 버린다 (Throw Away) Sexy Pole Dance Full Version [MBLAQ concert - Men In MBLAQ]

MBLAQ (Lee Joon) 이준 Pole Dance (Strong_Heart)

Happy Together - Penny Pinchers Special: Lee Joon of MBLAQ, Hyunbin & more! (2013.07.03)

[FANCAM] 20130616 Yeongdeungpo Timessquare Fan sign event Lee Joon

[HD] 130620 EXO 엑소 - Backstage with MBLAQ Lee Joon & Mir @ M! Countdown

lee joon dance bubble pop

130120 RM Funny Lee Joon Reaction 'L OUT!'

MBLAQ's Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo complete their last filming for 'We Got Married'

[Thai Sub] 120902 Lee Joon @Qualifications of Men

Lee Joon ~ Best Of n°4 (part 1)

Sunhwa and Lee Joon- Kiss Kiss

Lee Joon ~ Best Of n°4 (part 2)

Minho, L, Lee Joon, Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Kwanghee, and Sulli spotted filming for 'Running Man'

Dynamic Black - Yesterday

HYUNA - Bubble Pop live ft. Lee Joon

Jo Kwon and Lee Joon funny dance

MBLAQ lee joon dance Love Song,Love Is MOVE,Its War.

MBLAQ Lee Joon's Cute Aegyo

[ENG SUB] Joon's Message on Y album

[ENG SUB] Joon (MBLAQ) on The Star Interview

MBLAQ's Lee Joon Cuts on Dream Team 2!!

MBLAQ It's War - everyone shoot Lee Joon funny moment

Lee Joon // Sexy and I Know It

120205 Lee Joon (MBLAQ) - It's War Dream Team - YouTube.flv

120207 Joon Birthday

Sexy Lee Joon - Fantasy (Fanvid)

Lee Joon Tribute

MBLAQ's Lee Joon's incident with a fan

Lee Joon and his witty mother

Lee Joon ~ Best Of n° 3

Mblaq - Lee Joon fail

Lee Joon singing and dancing 'ABRACADABRA' (ENG SUB)

Lee Joon speaking english

Joon rap

MBLAQ Lee Joon become mummy? (sesame player E08)

Lee Joon demonstrates an octopus crying

Lee Joon imitating MBLAQ members Cockiness

Joon sleeping on the bathtub

[MBLAQ] MIR kisses Lee Joon!

Lee Joon Hot Sexy Abs Only !!!

[HQ] [ENG] MBLAQ Lee Joon's Chest And Abs On Live TV

Lee Joon funny time!! (ENG SUB)

MBLAQ It's War M/V Lee Joon Ver HD

[Eng Sub] Lee Joon vs. Gikwang Dance Battle

joon in bathtub

lee joon tells ji joons secrets

joonie in the poolie


vs Joon (Pushing Game)

MBLAQ Lee Joon yelling I'm Idiot!

MEN in MBLAQ 콘서트 티져 이준 ver.

MEN in MBLAQ Lee Joon ver.

LEE JOON - PUSH PUSH dance and rip his pant

Lee Joon Cha Cha Dance

LeeJoon in Idol Army

Joon's Adorable Laugh

Mblaq-Lee Joon Cute,Hot & Random



MBLAQ - passing the card game ( almost kiss!! Lee Joon˛&GO )

MBLAQ - Idol Army Ep.5

Lee Joon crying

100106 [HQ] Lee Joon & Kim Na Young Kiss Scene (What Happened in Bali Kiss Remake) - MBLAQ

Lee Joon - NiNja Assassin

MBLAQ Lee Joon I like that tribute

MBLAQ Joon's voice cracked up when singing oh yeah

Lee Joon&Mir in Video ♥ Kan Mi Youn-Crazy