1 : Sungyeol may seem like the studious & smart type.But he’s really allof.He has a lot of weak points like whenever he talks, he squeaks and he easily cries.

2 : Sungyeol wasn’t a singer, he would become a repeater of the Department of Theater and Film.

3 : Sungyeol likes a younger girl than a nuna. (I still have a chance! :D)

4 : Sungyeol is the last member who join Infinite.

5 : Sungyeol now is working hard to study English ^^

6 : Sungyeol’s precious thing is a letter from a fan. he keeps it in his desk and he’s going to laminate it ^^

7 : Sungyeol, his nose is his best body part.

8 : Sungyeol is the one who loves bullying his managers and his members.

9 : Sungyeol claimed that he knows Chinese. But unfortunataly, he’s not fluent as he thinks.

10 : Sungyeol is very emotional.

11 : Sungyeol was in Acting part of SM Academy once before.

12 : Sungyeol fears with ghosts =)

13 : Sungyeol is a person who easy to cry. But when he suppose to cry 4 a purpose like a MV, he can’t be easily drop his tears. =)

14 : Sungyeol would like to try a role which is strong yet funny like actors Yoo Haejin or Kim Changjung =)

15 : sungyeol ideal type: a woman who doesn’t pretend to be innocent & easy going, yet her actions aren’t disliked

16 : Sungyeol had cried at a wedding of a relative whose face he had never seen before.Sungyeol actually cried while looking at the with background for the wedding =) *what a innocent boy*