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Yeah_Pancakes said …
I made a list and gave it to my teacher on why I hated spiral notebooks. Stupid right-handed designed world! Posted over a year ago
Jenjen_bunny said …
Arrgh! I'm left handed and I'm proud of it too! I can write with my right hand as well because when I was 11 or 12, I fractured my index finger on my left hand and I had to learn how to write with my right hand for about a good month because it was too painful to write with my left hand :( The writing for my right hand is ledgible, but not that great TwT

LEFTIES UNITE!!!! Posted over a year ago
pEnELoPe3six commented…
LEFTIE FOREVER!!! XD over a year ago
big smile
deathroman13 said …
I am left-handed and proud of it :D Posted over a year ago
MluvsBella101 commented…
Me 2! :) over a year ago
SG_777 commented…
me too :) over a year ago
pEnELoPe3six commented…
(: too me over a year ago
queenrocks99 commented…
ME 2 over a year ago