As we slowly get used to the characters and stories that is Legend of the Seeker, we must also keep in mind that there is a universal balancing job going on between what the book needs, what the series needs, what you can get away with on TV and also the polite jousting going on between ABC and Disney. One wants more fluff and the other wants more grit. So eventually we end up with Fluffy Grit. I am hoping that as the series continues we are able to take more from the books and try to weave it into the fabric of the episodic stories. Understanding the the writers are basically presenting stories that will be shot in two weeks time. It is not the best way to create stories for a series but that is what you get when you fire the writers and hire more six weeks before shooting commenced. I am hoping that they allow Richard to learn more and be less of the problem solver. Remember that he is a young woodsman, who has never left Heartland before and so he should NOT be used to all in fighting and know how to break into secured prisons. I have always maintained that if the hero of the story is invincible, why do I need to care about him. I know he will always live so maybe I should invest in the side kicks or another character. I would like to see the writers allow the other characters to drive the stories more and that way it allows us to believe that they are all capable of supporting the Seeker. I am hopeful that we also keep this show more dramatic and less Xena. Humor should come out of the situation you are in and not manufactured. I look forward the future of this show with great anticipation. May the spirits guide you in the New Year.