Legend of the Seeker Where can i watch full episodes online?

Lindarose posted on Feb 27, 2010 at 08:32PM
Hi how can i watch the full episodes online? i´m not from usa.
please no websites with surveys.

thank you

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over a year ago maverick007 said…
You can watch all episodes of legend of the seeker easy, just search it through a FLVDirect player.

Just get any FlvDirect player
ex: link (it´s a free one, supports search on 1600 Streamsites)

1. click on -> search -> video
2. search for "legend of the seeker all ep" (it´s online, i searched it a minute ago)
3.select your episode and click on -> watch online or -> download


(If you search for a certain episode of a tv show just add "all ep" to name in the search field and you will get all episodes listed)

PS: you can also search for movies,tv shows, musicvideos etc etc
over a year ago jem_ said…
I use these two links to watch them online:

^It takes them longer to gets the latest episodes, at least a day.

^It gets the latest episodes about an hour after they air on telivision

Hope I helped :)
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over a year ago Jatam said…
Go to www.surfthechannel.com and search for legend of the seeker, then click the Television (1) button in the 'Search Results Box' on the left, the episode links are displayed on the right.

They don't host the eps, but they list all the episodes and have links to external sites that hist them, all in one easy site!
over a year ago guitargod18 said…
I heard that they will soon have the whole Season 1 on Dvd and Blu ray
over a year ago MrsMeganMellark said…
over a year ago koolkali123 said…
Season 1 on Hulu