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will not back down | chuck & blair

Ed/Leighton || Teenage Dream

(Leighton&Ed) Have Fun

ed and leighton "you spread my wings and make me fly"

chuck/blair - NOT A f r a i d

ed&leighton | there you go makin' my heart beat again.

Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick

Blair/Chuck || Help Im Alive

Chuck & Blair | Jar of Hearts | AUDIOSWAP!

Lost then Found-Chuck/Blair

Chuck;Blair | (4x02) Shattered | "I Don't Love You Anymore" [TUVO]

time is running out || chuck & blair

chuck ♡ blair [n o m a t t e r w h a t]

chuck&blair | hummingbird heartbeat

Blair/Chuck - 4x01 manip (PREVIEW)

Chuck & Blair - Escape

Blair & Chuck - Nobody Wins

Chuck & Blair - By The Way

Chuck & Blair - Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

Chuck/Blair- Let me be the one ♥

All We Are - Chuck & Blair

Everything - Chuck & Blair

Ed and Leighton filming in Paris

i wanna run away from love (chuck&blair)

counting bodies ; chuck & blair

chuck & blair -- you thought that you knew me

//Chuk&Blair VS Ed&Leighton//

Chuck/Blair - We won´t say our goodbyes! Remake 3x22

1.08 "Seventeen Candles" Extended Promo [Gossip Girl]

Gossip Girl Promo 1x07

Chuck and Blair - Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You

Blair end Chuck - Unable to stay, Unwiling to leave

Blair & Chuck | All Or Nothing - PREVIEW [HD]

Blair and Chuck - Give me your heart ]]

Blair & Chuck; "My Heart Will Find Rest"

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - Chuck/Blair Gossip Girl

SAKURA KISS - Blair et Chuck ^^!! **

You Are T h e O n e; C&B Tribute [season1 - season3]

All I need (chuck;blair)

Leighted | I could really use a wish right now...

Chuck/Blair- "I love her more than life" (Preview)

Gossip Girl Season Finale Trailer: Special Chair Edition

chuck/blair; you're everything.

Chuck & Blair: Sing it out

Cute Chuck & Blair/Ed & Leighton scene

Gossip Girl Season Finale Promo: The Epic Story Continues ...

ayo technology

Blair and Chuck "Misery"

Apologize; Chuck/Blair

Ed & Leighton // Your love's a drug.

Careless Whisper - Chuck & Blair

Gossip Girl: Are Chuck and Blair Meant to Be Together?

Chuck and Blair - goodbye Chuck

does this darkness have a name?

- there will be love love love, chuck|blair.

Blair & Chuck (The object of your desire)

Blinding; Chuck&Blair [3x17 spoilers]

Chuck;Blair | [3x17] I will carry you [Even if it meant loosing me?]

Chuck/Blair Manip 3: What really should have happened (2x19).

Chuck&Blair (Us Against The World)

Set Fire To The Third Bar (Chuck;Blair)

Chuck/Blair Manip 2: Things turn sexual...

Gossip Girl eps 17-18 trailer

Gossip Girl 3x17 Extended Promo - Inglorious Bassterds

Chuck&Blair Tell me how I'm supposed to breath with no air

Bad Romance - Blair i Chuck

Chuck and Blair xD Bigger than us

Chuck/Blair - BreakEven

Chuck e Blair "Take me away"

Chuck and Blair (AU) - Possibility

Blair/Chuck: Crash! Do me Real Hard

Chuck and Blair - I Want You To Be Happy

Chuck/Blair - Look After You - Preview 2

chuck and blair - sink or swim

Chuck and Blair, I'll Stand By You

chuck/blair "young forever" PREVIEW

Blair&Chuck | Crawl

Chuck and Blair: Your Ex-Lover is Dead

Gossip Girl~ Chuck And Blair Preview (3x16)

Gossip Girl | Chuck and Blair ending | 3x15

Chuck/Blair Manip 1: Chuck checks out Blair.

Chuck & Blair || Anywhere But Here

Chuck & Blair - Gossip Girl (Addicted)

i can carry you (chuck;blair)

Look After You; Chuck & Blair

if we ever meet again (chuck;blair)

ed&leighton // here we go again

Love Me Dead {Chuck & Blair}{Re-Uploaded}

Blair and Chuck- Brown Eyes

Chuck&Blair// Sink Or Swim

Chuck & Blair | Perfect | collab with JMDforever

Ed & Leighton - I'm Yours

Chuck and Blair - Gravity [REUPLOAD]

Ed & Leighton - Hot mess

Ed & Leighton - Season Of Love

Chuck/Blair II Down

blair and chuck.Gossip Girl

Chuck/Blair - Sidelines

Things I'll Never Say

tonight (blair; blair/chuck)