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The fans pick: it will be the best if it'll be lelouch and CC,i think...
The fans pick: Yes, he is!
The fans pick: Euphemia! ♥
The fans pick: C.C.
C. C.
Kallen Stadtfeld
The fans pick: Johnny Yong Bosch's in the English dubbed version
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LuluxCClove said …
Lelouch may be dead, but him and C.C. will always be together Posted over a year ago
SpiralMRG commented…
He's not dead over a year ago
lelouchbritz commented…
yeah over a year ago
lm_codegeass said …
Code Geass has a 3rd Season.... Posted over a year ago
Lelouch_heart commented…
no.. it's just an OVA nothing more (cries) over a year ago
ZeroKiryuuVK commented…
I know, I wish they would continue it soon... :( over a year ago
lm_codegeass said …
lelouch is not dead he is an IMMORTAL..!!!
Posted over a year ago
ZeroKiryuuVK commented…
Yes, he's ALIVE!! :D over a year ago
ka1ley commented…
I hate how people say he's dead!!! over a year ago
SpiralMRG commented…
ALL HAIL LELOUCH!!! over a year ago