Lemonade Mouth Wen's rap in Determinate

MsPropHouse posted on Mar 11, 2012 at 03:47AM
It's Wen and I'm heaven-sent!
Music like a veteran!
Renegade! Lemonade!
Use it as my medicine!
Go ahead and try to name a band we ain't better than!
Reason why the whole world's pickin' us instead of them!
People need a breather cause they're feelin' outta that adrenaline!
Now hurry up! Let us in!
Cause we're comin' to your house and people
keep on smilin' like the got lemons in their mouth!
I'm the real deal! You know how I feel!
Why they in it for the mills!
I'm just in it for the thrills!
Get down! Now!
I ain't playin' around!
Put your feet up on the ground!
And make that sound like!

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over a year ago arun123 said…
It's sickage
over a year ago MsPropHouse said…
I like how it goes so fast.