He plays guitar.
He is 5'9.
He listens to rock and roll from 70s and 80s
He has a phobia of elevators.He loves to collect antique weapons like swords and knives.Conan the Barbarian Sword is in his bedroom as a center piece of his collection.

He loves to cook especially chicken dishes and chicken curry is fun to make for him.His favorite musician of all time is Eddie Van Halen. Leo Howard is a certified scuba diver.Leo will try any bizzare or exotic food at least once.

He is in the process of custom making his own guitars.He has almost mastered a double back flip.Leo is not a good distance runner.Leo's real middle name is Richard but some people thought it was Ryan, Leslie or Roger.

Leo would want his alter ago to be a superhero.
Leo would love to make covers of Hot for Teacher and Erruption by Van Halen on guitars.
Leo loves Led Zeppelin.