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Article by DarkLordSauron posted over a year ago
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We love you, Lenny.
I saw your story on the news today.
Kinda took my breath away
Made my heart stop
They told your history, your life
In their ever stoic tone
They showed your picture.
Then just like you, it was gone
But before it faded out
The anchor held a note
They said your name
And then they read
The last words that you wrote

A life is like a garden
Perfect moments can be had
But not preserved
Except in memory

Today, the needs of the many
Outweigh the needs of the few.
But the only thing we truly need
Is someone like you
To heal us with your kindness
And warm us with your love
So let it fall just like a pouring rain
From Heaven up above
And when we struggle through our hard times
And we can barely cope
From somewhere up above we'll hear
Those lovely words you spoke.

A life is like a garden
Perfect moments can be had