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Opinion by GirlySpunk posted over a year ago
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Fee “The Kid” Herod, The Quick and the Dead
Before Titanic , Leo gave a heartwarming performance in this movie . His character just wants to be loved by his father, his father shoots him, leaving him to worm on the ground, professing over and over that he doesn’t want to die.

Jack Dawson , Titanic
Anyone would agree that Leo was great as Jack . He gave an amazing performance and after Titanic , soon he was ruling every girl's heart .

Dom Cobb, Inception
This movie was mind-blowing and Leo's performance as Cobb was amazing .....even haters would agree with this...

Howard Hughes, The Aviator

Arnie Grape, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Even though Leo played the supporting role , he was the real star of the movie . He was adorable as Arnie and his performance brought tears in my eyes ❤ Playing a mentally challenged character is not easy but Leo did an amazing job .
Fan fiction by averielise posted over a year ago
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All the credit go's to Amber from http dazzling-dicaprio.tumblr



I awoke, as if from a pleasant sleep. I struggle to open my crusted eyes, and I find myself lying on a deserted beach. The sky is pitch black, with only a few stars glistening like brilliant diamonds in the darkness. The cool waves of the ocean lap gently at my feet. My soaking wet clothing weighs me down, making it hard for me to breathe. I cannot figure out why I am here. What happened? Where am I? For some reason, I have a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I shut my eyes, and try to think of what could have possibly happened for me to end up here. Suddenly, the image of her flawless face floods my mind. Her vibrant blue eyes, her long, beautiful scarlet hair. Everything comes rushing back. The iceberg, the earsplitting screams of the frightened women, the tear-stained faces of the bawling children, the beautiful melody of the quartet, the frigid water. It all comes back to me as vividly as the day it happened. My head begins to pound and ache. My stomach tightens, and I feel unusually nauseous.
Opinion by averielise posted over a year ago
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A jewellery store worker in Sydney thought Leonardo DiCaprio was a robber when he walked into her shop with two burly bodyguards.
She failed to recognise the Hollywood A-lister yesterday as he went incognito in a hoodie, cap and dark sunglasses.

One of Leo's minders had stood at the door of the shop to keep watch while the other walked inside with him as he looked for a present for his mother.

'Linda was working on her own and I was next door grabbing a coffee.
'Linda was serving a customer when the two big bodyguards approached. The customer sees what's happening and says, "This doesn't look good".'

'Linda sent the customer next door to get me, thinking the shop is about to be robbed by these guys.
'By the time I get in there Linda has realised who she was serving and let me know everything was all right.'
Kane described the Titanic star as 'very friendly' and he told staff he was looking for a gift for his German mother, Irmelin.
Article by averielise posted over a year ago
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HOLLYWOOD megastar Leonardo DiCaprio touched down at Sydney airport this morning to begin filming on Baz Luhrmann's 3D adaptation of The Great Gatsby.
Wearing a cap and hoodie pulled over his head, DiCaprio kept his eyes down and tapped busily on his mobile phone as he made his way to his vehicle.

Rumour has it the Hollywood star will be joined by new girlfriend Blake Lively, who narrowly missed out on the role of Daisy Buchanan in the film, during his four-month shoot.

It will be the first time Australian director Luhrmann and DiCaprio have worked together since Romeo and Juliet in 1996.

DiCaprio plays Gatsby in the adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's clasic novel and will be joined by Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan, Isla Fisher as Myrtle (Tom's mistress), and Australian newcomer Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker.

The film is due for release in 2012

Article by NoukolovesDean posted over a year ago
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I thought it would be interesting to present you some of his quotations that i have found on the internet. For me he isn't just a handsome man. I also love him for his personality:)So, here are his quotations.Enjoyy!

1.The best thing about acting is that I get to lose myself in another character and actually get paid for it. It's a great outlet. As for myself, I'm not sure who I am. It seems that I change every day.

2.People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat. They want you miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes; what they want is to see you fall.

3.On working with Martin Scorsese in Gangs of New York (2002): "He's a perfectionist, obsessed with detail. That's why he went over budget and over schedule."

(my favorite one)
4.You can either be a vain movie star, or you can try to shed some light on different aspects of the human condition.

5.It's a really obvious thing to say, but the more people know too much about who you really are, and it's a fundamental thing, the more the mystery is taken away from the artist, and the harder it is for people to believe that person...
Opinion by nightrider posted over a year ago
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I just saw INCEPTION and here is my review on it:

Inception, the highly anticipated sci-fi epic from Christopher Nolan, finally arrives. I’ve been waiting for this movie for a quite a long time now (maybe two years). And I am gonna throw some statements out there that might seem outlandish or ridiculous, but trust me, after you see this movie, you will definitely be on my side.
Let’s get these statements out there shall we..... Inception is not only Chris Nolan’s masterpiece; it is one of the best movies I have EVER seen. I honestly mean that and I do not say this very often. And also, Inception IS BETTER than The Dark Knight.

Where shall I begin people? Inception is so damn CREATIVE! A movie like this RARELY ever comes around the band. This is the first time probably since The Dark Knight (which was made by the same guy) where I literally sat in my seat with my jaw dropped to the ground like I just found out I was adopted!

The visuals are outstanding! I literally could not believe what I was seeing on the screen. It was INCREDIBLE! The music is FANTASTIC! Hans Zimmer is the man when it comes to music in movies. His score...