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NaomiLeo12 said …
I have only now started being a fan on this website. I have been a fan of leonardo dicaprio for ages. I have watched almost all of his films, i love him x #ILoveYouLeo<3 Posted 21 days ago
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rebecaleia said …
Nao poderia estar mais feliz! Parabéns pelo Oscar! A Academia estava em dívida com voce! Posted 2 months ago
3xZ said …
After several nominations of Academy Awards, he finally got one! Congratulations Leonardo DiCaprio!! ^__~> Posted 2 months ago
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HaleyDewit said …
FINALLY!!! Posted 2 months ago
tooch said …
I am so proud of Leo. His career has been by far one of such tremendous variety and countless performances. I am so happy that he has been awarded by the Academy. My love for him is immense and I could not be happier. Posted 2 months ago
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sowmiya20 said …
omg oscar win!!! Posted 2 months ago
ded99 said …
Leo won OSCAR! Congratulations Leo!!!! Posted 2 months ago
sunshinedany commented…
So happy for him. Well deserved award. Way to go, LEO ! 2 months ago
abcjkl said …
Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Leo For your Oscar win!!!!!!!!! Posted 2 months ago
LeoDiCaprio said …
He really deserves the Oscar. I have a good feeling this year.
Good luck Leo!
Love you <3 Posted 3 months ago
kepilynn said …
Congratulations Leo!!!! Can't wait to see you at the Oscars Posted 3 months ago