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Article by HelenaTrix posted over a year ago
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Sola Yo

De nuevo sola por la calle, voy vagando sin un rumbo. Sin ver ni
un rostro conocido, ni una casa, ni un amigo.
Llegó la oscuridad...quiero creer qué él está aquí.
A veces ando sola en la noche, mientras todos duermen. Pienso en él, felíz me siento, él me llena el pensamiento.
Descansa la ciudad...y yo empiezo a vivir.

Sola yo, pretendo qué le llevo en mi.
Y con él, camino hasta el halba.
Aún sin él sus brazos me rodeán. Si siento qué me pierdo, él me muestra el camino.
Al llover las calles són de plata. Y la luz es bruma sobre el rio.
En la noche la luna ílumina, tu rostro con el mio para estar unidos siempre.
Y lo sé, es mi imaginación! Qué conmigo estoy hablando y no con él. Y aunqué sé qué nunca me amará...aún así...no le olvidaré!
Le quiero, y al acabar la noche. Él se va, el rio es solo un rio. Sin él mi mundo es como siempre: Los árboles sin hojas y yo solo entre la gente!
Opinion by GeneralStorm posted over a year ago
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I'm sure mostof you have noticed that far more popular than the Cosette/Marius ship is the Éponine/Marius ship. I don't mind the ship, but I often find people asking why Marius was so blind to Éponine's love, never considered her and chose Cosette over her. Here are a few reasons:

1. First off, you have to know that the musical isn't completely honest with the character of Éponine, nor the relationship she shares with Marius. The musical had to make several altercations to the characters, including breaking the relation between the Thérnardiers and Gavriche (he is their son), and discarding the character of Azelma (Éponine's little sister) completely. For the musical, Éponine's character was altered. In the book, Éponine is most definitely not a beauty, missing a few teeth, bags under her eyes and is a regular drinker, understandable traits for her character as she has been pushed into poverty. One key trait not made present in the musical (though added and portrayed beautifully by Celia Keenan Bolger) is that Éponine is slightly insane, disregarded by her parents and watching her childhood rival become everything she wanted to be. The musical cuts out some...
Opinion by lhotp1 posted over a year ago
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Les Mis is, per the motto, the longest-running musical in Broadway history. For such a phenomenon to occur, there have to be at least 2 demographics: the lovers and the haters. Making a film adaptation of such a musical, you are met with equal reactions. The lovers, waiting in anticipation, and the haters, groaning about how far society has blown up a travesty. Since I'm neither, never before having seen the show or read the book, I went to the film with an open mind- expecting to see a good movie with music I knew. And that's what I got. There are many advantages to film. One is able to much more evocatively see what is going on than they would in the theater. There's no intermission, which sadly means no bathroom break- )if you must go, get RunPee on your smartphone, They're the professionals) In film, the historical background is summarized periodically by just a sentence or two onscreen. It is my contention that theater actors, film actors, and even the gifted few who cross the line between the two, though they are trained differently, when trained well, they are no less skilled. So the acting is good. Now we come to the deal-breaker for most super fans: the singers. They...