I thought it would be such a cute idea to show how Eponine and Marius met so here it is Disclaimer: I own nothing. It's based off of the musical NOT the novel.

"PONNIIIINNNEEEEE" Madame Thernadier shouted waking her 15 year old daughter up from her sleep. Eponine rubbed her tired eyes and put a dirty, itchy shawl on giving a huge yawn. Running downstairs and almost running into a man reading his morning paper staying at the Inn walking up to his room ."Damn it girl what the hell is your hurry?" "Sorry sir it won't happen again" . She new that a clobbering was in order if she "disturbed" a guest but an even bigger one was in store if she didn't move it. Her mother was as loud as a roaring lion when she was in one of her moods ( which was quite often) and almost as violent. Madame Thernadier was cleaning up breakfast dishes and stopped when Eponine entered the room . "Well your finally up missy. Come on we have to go into town today get proper clothe's on and look sharp about it!". Running back to her room Eponine put her boy shirt and pants on her placed her favorite piece of clothing: her baggy brown hat on her head. The streets were even rougher then usual today, tension was son the rise in France everybody knew it. While her mother was in a store getting bread Eponine waited outside kicking stone's and a man ran into her "Sorry lad" he mumbled barely glancing at her. So the disguise actually worked, her mother had told her that being a teenage girl at this time wasn't safe, and boys got more work anyway. Eponije didn't particularly mind, she wasn't girly like that horrible little Cossette that used to live with them. Just then a boy from across the street caught her eye. He had black hair and fine clothe's on, nicer then anything her father or the other men at the Inn wore, clearly he didn't belong here. Suddenly a old man drew nearer to him and started attacking him trying to rob the boy! Eponine sprung into action hitting and yelling at the attacker until he finally went away and a policeman was chasing him. The boy was still startled with his fine clothe's messed up and a shocked expression on his face, actually it was a rather funny sight. Eponine held out her hand "Here let me help you up" the boy was reluctant and shied away "I won't hurt you honest" he gave her his hand and she pulled him up. "Thanks for helping me" he mumbled a bit shyly "No problem, you need to be more careful". "My name' Marius what's yours?" "Eponine call me 'Ponine though". He smiled finally "Ponine 'ey? i like it. Tell me girl why are you dressed like a boy?" . This surprised her "You mean you can tell?" "Of course i'm not dense! those brown eyes of yours are way to pretty to belong to a male". "Oh why... thank you!". "PONNIIINNE!!!! come on now we don't have all day!". Marius grinned "Mother?" "Oh yes, i have to go but i hoep to see you around soon... Mariius" "Me to buh bye 'Ponine" and with that he left her sight. Eponine went by her mother still entranced yb the boy "Who was that? i thought i told you never to talk to strangers! Madame Thernaider hissed but little did she know her daughter was still in shock a world of her own in fact .
That night as Eponine lay in bed she thought: Monsieur Marius what a lovely name.And so Eponine Thernadier fell in love for the first time.

In my life
There's been no one like him anywhere
Anywhere, where he is...
If he asked... I'd be his