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im-different95 said …
i hate how people say "same sex couples/marriages are not ok" but they would think differently if they weren't straight. a person should be allowed to be with someone they love whether its the same sex or not. Posted 5 months ago
big smile
louisa192 said …
Anyone wants to have a little chat plz? Add me Posted 8 months ago
An-xi said …
lesbians are disgusting :/ Posted over a year ago
SeeUV3 commented…
at least we aint judgemental assholes over a year ago
Phantelephant commented…
Good job An-xi, you successfully proven yourself as a needlessly hateful being with no purpose but to project your own insecurities out on to other through slander. Does it make you feel important? over a year ago
chelseagrinbaby commented…
ok im stupid i guess i didnt read what i wrote what i meant to say was UR disgusting lesbains R AWESOME! 1 month ago