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What do you think about the bullshit relationship between Rowan mayfair and Lestat?

OMG! u'll say I'm crazy but since i read the Blood Canticle book i really can't find peace. I mean c'mon What the fuck happened with Lestat, with his beautiful character? The brat prince in love with Rowan mayfair? Are you kidding me?! that relationship or whatevar it was is nothing but a ridiculous bullshit. I can't stand her! Does Lestat said that he loves her more than the blood? or more than anything in the world? wtf is that? He would never said this to a mortal women! This is unacceptable! Anne distroyed Lestat with the last book. She really had to stop writting about him since Memnnoch the devil.
 DeLioncourt posted over a year ago
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filand said:
i totally love Lestat as you quite qbviously do, and i agree that he wouldn't really have loved rowan mayfair, he loved mona, i mean how many times must he fall in love? he's not THAT hard up for it, as he's described he's beautiful and more keen on having adventures not falling in love
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posted over a year ago 
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