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Leverage Sneak Peek - The Juror #6 Job

Leverage-Elliot Spencer

Hardison Parker Leverage 1x05

Leverage Sneak Peek - The 12 Step Job -- Feb. 3

Parker- Not Alone

Leverage - Kill a man with an appetizer

Leverage Sneak Peek - The Mile High Job- Airs Jan. 20

Parker/Hardison -- Thief of Hearts

[ LEVERAGE ] Parker - "In The Light"


Leverage-Alex Hardison

Leverage Sneak Peek - The Snow Job


[ LEVERAGE ] Parker - "I Want The Money"

LEVERAGE - Anatomy Of A Fight

Leverage - Why I Hate Guns

LEVERAGE - Behind The Scenes

Leverage Sneak Peek - The Stork Job - Airs Jan. 6

Leverage Character Profile - Nate Ford

Leverage Character Profile - Parker

Leverage Character Profile - Alec Hardison

Leverage Character Profile - Eliot Spencer

Leverage Character Profile - Sophie Devereaux

LEVERAGE thanks the fans for their PCA

LEVERAGE's Third Season QUIZ

Dean Devlin on Celebrating Genre Films with Other Geeks Like Himself

Leverage's Second Season QUIZ

Leverage: Sophie & Nate [Feel So Close]

Leverage Staying Alive

Aldis Hodge on "Leverage," "Cougartown," "Red Dawn" & Favorite Hollywood

Beth Riesgraf on the College Television Awards, How She Got Her Start in Acting & "Leverage"

Leverage's first season Quiz!

Leverage - Nate&Sophie [You and Me]

Parker' Leverage

[Leverage] Parker & Hardison ~ If Today Was Your Last Day

LEVERAGE team - Very Far

"What the hells an Eliot?"[Eliot Spencer, Leverage]

nobody throws Hardison of the roof... \\ Leverage fun

come please I'm falling || Elliot & Sophie (vidlet)

Parker/Hardison - Nothing left to hide

Leverage//Parker-You slow me down, you kill me

Leverage - The Office Job - Promo

Web Chat w/Beth Riesgraf & Aldis Hodge (July 17, 2011)

LIFETIME TO SEE YOU Parker / Hardison

Parker&Hardison ' Leverage

Leverage' Nate and Sophie - Hardison and Parker

Leverage: Sterling - Only Hope for Me is You (Queen's Gambit Job)

Sophie & Nate - "You want me come find me"

Leverage 4x10 - "The Queen's Gambit Job" Promo

leverage ;; parker/sophie ● to let myself go