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XNaley_JamesX posted on Jul 15, 2011 at 04:50PM
Another new game on the LF spot!

I don't know if I'm the first one who comes up with this idea, but anyway here's how it works.
You just have to say something like:
HDYS (how do you say) "I love you" in your language?
Then the next person has to say 'I love you' in their language and ask something else.

Also, when you take part, tell me first what your language is, so I can add it to the languages list.

For those of you who have English as mother tongue is this a little harder to participate. But then you can say a language that you're very good at, or a dialect could be fun too.


* Celine (XNaley_JamesX): Dutch
* Dalma (dalma): Serbian
* Anna (hhw): Italian
* Angi (angii7): Spanish
* Margot (Margooterd): Dutch
* Nad (123Naki456): Serbian
* Mabel (TrueLove23): German
* Alessandra (bbiatch): Spanish
* Ada (AdaLove): Greek
* Maria (bright_angel): Greek
* Rachel (XxXrachellXxX): Finnish
* Kir (Kirkir): Maltese

Have fun!
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over a year ago XNaley_JamesX said…
*continuing on the example*

"Ik hou van je."

HDYS "I'm going to watch OTH tonight" in your language?
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over a year ago dalma said…
My language is Serbian. :)

I'm going to watch OTH tonight = Večeras ću gledati OTH.

HDYS "My favorite couple is Leyton?"
over a year ago hhw said…

"La mia coppia preferita è Leyton"

HDYS "How old are you?"
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over a year ago XNaley_JamesX said…
Hoe oud ben je? / Hoe oud bent u? (Polite)

HDYS "The Leyton family is freaking awesome"?
over a year ago angiii7 said…
My language is spanish.

La familia Leyton es (Wow how the hell do I translate Freaking) escepcionalmente asombrosa.

HDYS "Where's the bathroom?" HAHAHAHAHA
over a year ago Margooterd said…
Can there be 2 Dutch-speaking people on the list? Cause I speak Dutch as well.

In Dutch you say: Waar is het toilet?/ Waar is de W.C.?

HDYS "OTH is one of my favorite tv shows"?
over a year ago dalma said…
OTH je jedna od mojih omiljenih serija.

HDYS "I like panckakes, although my favorite food is pizza?"
over a year ago angiii7 said…
OTH es uno de mis programas favoritos / OTH es una de mis series favoritas :)

HDYS "HP is the best movie ever"?
over a year ago hhw said…
HP è il migliore film di sempre.

HDYS "This is the best day of my life" (lol)
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over a year ago 123Naki456 said…
My language is Serbian :)

Ovo je najbolji dan u mom životu.

HDYS "I love music"?
over a year ago TrueLove23 said…
ich liebe musik
HDYS bethany joy galeotti is the most beautiful and talented actress
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over a year ago dalma said…
Bethany Joy Galeotti je najlepša i talentovana glumica.

HDYS "I love skiing and I have climbed Mount Everest?" :D
over a year ago Margooterd said…
Ik hou van skiën en ik heb de Mount Everest beklommen

HDYS "When I grow up, I wanna be a billionare"?
over a year ago bbiatch said…
I want to play too...I speak spanish like Angi :)

Me encanta esquiar y he escalado el Monte Everest

HDYS "you are the hottest man alive?"
over a year ago 123Naki456 said…
Ti si najzgodniji čovek na svetu.

HDYS "I hate you"?
over a year ago bbiatch said…
Te odio

HDYS that bitch is crazy?
over a year ago Margooterd said…
Die trut is zot

HDYS "Chad Dylan Cooper is the best actor of our generation"? :p
over a year ago angiii7 said…
Chad Dylan Cooper es el mejor actor de nuestra generación

HDYS "Get lost"?
over a year ago hhw said…
"Sparisci" ("perditi" translated literally)

HDYS "I like swimming"?
over a year ago bbiatch said…
Me gusta nadar

HDYS "I need to eat right now or Im gonna die"
over a year ago hhw said…
"Ho bisogno di mangiare proprio ora o morirò"

HDYS "I am very sad"?
over a year ago dalma said…
Ja sam veoma tužna.

HDYS "My favorite foreign country is Italy?"
over a year ago TrueLove23 said…
mein lieblingsausland ist italien

HDYS "what the fuck"
over a year ago XNaley_JamesX said…
I don't think we really have a translation for that (...Margot?)
We just say the same as in English or "WTF?"

HDYS "I'm really tired, I'm going to sleep"
over a year ago hhw said…
Sono molto stanca, vado a dormire

HDYS "3874"?