Leyton Family<3 My favorite characters from my top 20 couples; which do you agree with the most?

Pick one:
1.Lucas&Peyton; Peyton♥
2.Freddie&Effy; Effy♥
3.Ryan&Marissa; Ryan♥
4.Rory&Jess; Jess♥
5.Michael&Nikita; Nikita♥
6.Hyde&Jackie; Hyde♥
7.Dan&Blair; Blair♥
8.Caleb&Hanna; Hanna♥
9.Wade&Zoe; Wade♥
10.Ross&Rachel; Rachel♥
11.Nate&Jenny; Jenny♥
12.Owen&Cristina; Cristina♥
13.Seth&Summer; Seth♥
14.Mark&Lexie; Mark♥
15.Vince&Holly; Holly♥
16.Toby&Spencer; Spencer♥
17.Brian&Mia; Brian♥
18.Noah&Allie; Noah♥
19.Leo&Piper; Piper♥
20.Ron&Hermione; Hermione♥
 mooshka posted over a year ago
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