Leyton Family<3 {2-Holly's Happy Hour} Couple moments that make me squee like a maniac! ♥♥♥ // Which makes you most *squee-ey*? {**AMBER- Beware of Lost spoilers!**}

Pick one:
{Calzona♥} "I can't live without you and our ten kids."
{Calzona♥} Random baseball cuteness!
{Dizzie♥} Izzie "feeling" Denny in the hall.
{LexZie♥} Wedding ♥
{MerDer♥} Candle house!
{MerDer♥} Meredith telling Derek she's pregnant ♥
{Slexie♥} "You're the one that put me back together."
{Slexie♥} "I'm saying you could have a husband."
{Slexie♥} "I have everything I've always wanted... almost."
{DesPen♥} "I love you, Penny. And I'll never leave you again."
{DesPen♥} "I promise. I love you."
{Jate♥} Super hug!
{Jate♥} Playing golf + flirting
{Jate♥} Shower lovin' ♥
{Jate♥} "I'm so glad you changed your mind. I'm so glad you're here!"
{Jate♥} "Yes, yes, yes, of course i will, yes!"
{Jate♥} "No, that's not how you know me."
{Skate♥} First kiss ♥
{Skate♥} Flirty banter + fun in the water!
{Skate♥} "One outcast to another."
{Skate♥} Kate taking care of a hurt Sawyer.
{Skate♥} Sawyer & Kate being playful while Kate cuts Sawyer's hair.
{Skate♥} Strawberries & Fishbiscuits ♥
{Skate♥} Cage love ♥
{Skate♥} "I love you too."
{Skate♥} Hold me close and never let me go.
{Skate♥} Let's see how long we can play house!
{Skate♥} "the kind of kiss that stops time. It’s nothing short of spectacular
{Skate♥} "Kate’s back and as soon as they see each other, that chemistry just
{Skate♥} "You and me are getting the hell off this island."
{Skate♥} "Almost like someone's trying to put us together."
 xoheartinohioxo posted over a year ago
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