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CMSC (SEX AND THE CITY) - Next to you

Lucas + Peyton | I just died in your arms tonight.

● Lucas & Peyton | Half Light

Brooke & Lucas | We Only Get Better [HBD ABI!♥]

• w o m a n | brooke davis

[LSC] Nathan & Haley || Hold On

Nathan & Haley ► Say You Won't Let Go

One Tree Hill || Brucas & Leyton - Skinny Love

brucas (+julian) & jeyton (+lucas) | it doesn't feel the same

► Lucas&Peyton {I was made for loving you}

Brooke & Lucas | You look like a movie

Lucas + Peyton|| When we were young(HBD Carola)

Lucas and Peyton - Happier

Lucas + Peyton = True Love Always{TLC}

Brooke & Lucas | Dynasty.

Lucas and Brooke | Happier

brooke & lucas | can we surrender ?

Brooke&Lucas | Bruises (HBBD KIRA!)

Brooke&Lucas | Burn It Down

Brooke&Lucas | I'll Be Good

Brooke & Lucas | I Still Love You

[6: Brooke & Lucas] It's such a shame for us to part.

One Tree Hill | U n s t e a d y

Brooke & Lucas | Circles

Lucas & Brooke | Hold On

Lucas & Peyton || What About Us

Love Me Like You Do || Ellie Goulding | Story of Christian & Anastasia {Fifty Shades Freed Ending}

DYNASTY ❖ Multicouples

Multicouples | Never tear us apart [Happy Birthday Cecilia. ❤ ]

the night we met {multicouples}

Lucas & Peyton | The Night We Met

Lucas + Peyton ● Why

Lucas and Peyton | Ho Hey

Lucas & Peyton | It's gotta be you (for Huyen)

Lucas & Peyton | Saturn (TCOLC)

Lucas and Peyton | Agape

Lucas and Peyton | For Blue Skies

Lucas & Peyton | A Dream Come True

Natalie's Rap 2.0 (Uncensored Version)

SNL Digital Short: Natalie Raps

Damon & Elena | Halo

Damon & Elena || Love Me Like You Do [+6x19]

New York - Sex and the City (collab w/ Phoebelle)

This Is Us | To Build A Home 2x14

Jack + Rebecca|| Life after you (+ 2x14) (HBD Evy)

RORY & JESS | certain things

rory & jess ‧ happier.

jess & rory // over you. (+ revival)

Rory & Jess | Over you (falling around you)

►No Broken Hearts

Multicouples | Once In A Lifetime [For Michelle]

Multicouples || Perfect (YPIV)

Multifemales | Look What You Made Me Do

sad multifemales | quiet

Chandler + Joey || You've got a friend in me ♥

friends | you're my flashlight

Rachel Green #6 | I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle!

• Brooke Davis │ i am one in a million

End Game {Kara & Mon-El}

multicouples (love triangles) | happier

►love triangles | dancing on my own

Multicouples || Hold On

Multicouples | Happier (for Char)

Grey's Anatomy ❖ People say Goodbye

Multicouples || Dynasty

jack pearson - my husband is a freaking superhero

Lip Gallagher || My little brother Ian

one tree hill || this house no longer feels like home

Noora and William || crazy in love

effy stonem | wild youth

there's nothing holding me back | nick & jess

mercy | mark & lexie

Multicouples | Dynasty (for my 11k)

blinded by you. (multicouples)

Multicouples | All we are (13,5k)

Sad Multifandom | Being alive hurts too much

Multicouples collab | dynasty

Multicouples | Too much to ask [+zeroxmile]

✖ The Vampire Diaries | So Cold ♪

The Vampire Diaries | That's humanity.

Multifandom | It will rain.

Damon & Elena | A Thousand Years

►The full story of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert [1x01-8x16]

(1x01-8x16) Damon & Elena | How they fell in love with each other

► TVD Couples || Thousand years

all The Vampire Diaries couples ● what hurts the most

The Vampire Diaries | It's what made us family.

The Vampire Diaries | Unsteady

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good | F&G

The Weasley Twins ✘ Mischief Managed

Harry Potter || Somebody to die for (collab with magical1517)

Harry Potter | So cold

►mike&eleven; all i want

steve & nancy | circles

Steve Harrington || Feel it still

►Harry Potter - Centuries

Harry Potter - This Is Gospel

Teen Wolf 3A || This is Gospel

Multifandom | if you love me let me go

If You Love Me Let Me Go-Multifandoms