*READ THIS BEFORE GOING ON* okey dokey people.
This is just A STORY NOT REAL. it is intended for entertainment only. In no way possible..is the storyline legal in real life and i do not suggest breaking any laws. Again, this should never happen between a student and their teacher.

Living in a big city was difficult. Way too many people...way to many gossip and rumor spreaders. My secret life was slowly suffercating inside my closet. She was screaming "LET ME OUT IDIOT" so much my ears ached. Moving was exciting. A small town..more room to just...explore. I was hoping for a new beginning and a better surrounding.
What i got though...wasnt on my agenda.
8:30 am. Im 5 minutes late for my first period class at my new school, Al-wendon High. I shoved my bag into my locker and tried remembering where 1st class even was. "Oh crap oh crap" i muttered dropping half of my belingings onto the floor. Clack clack...clack. I knew that sound. Its that teacher walking down the hall sound. the sound of very expensive heels. i looked up. "Um...are you new?" dark brown eyes stared at me. "Uh ..yeah...i..forgot..when" i lost words.
A pearly white smile caught my eye, this woman was gorgeous. "It's ok..I get it. first day jitters" she bent down to help me clean up my things. Her long dark brown reddish hair went past her elbows. she was wearing a white teachery looking shirt and a black skirt and pantyhoes. and those heels..ouch. Before i knew..i realized id been caught gawking. my cheeks became numb. "Um..do you know where Algebra is?" i mumbled. "Just up the stairs and to your left" she said getting up and sticking my stuff into the locker. "Well...Im Ms.Dele'ono. But everyone says Ms.D or Ms.Devinchi...whitch suits me since im the art teacher" she smiled again. Darn you woman. She held out a delicate but long fingered hand. "Hannah" i replied shaking it. Her grip was firm..i kind of quivered. "Thanks for your help" i said as i quickly left her there by my locker. when i entered the classroom, all eyes where on me. Great..new meat. The tall young man looked at me and smiled "Ah..you must be ..Hannah kidley, welcome to first period Algebra" i smiled and nodded. "thanks.." i said looking for a seat. "You can take any empty seat you like, by the way, Im Mr.Smith...any questions you can see me after class" I walked to the seat near the window, it had a great scene of the local park across the street , plus everything was more visable from up a floor. I heard a giggle. then another. i turned and faced a skinney tanned blonde with what seemed to be two of her drones looking at me. I looked away. Great. already have haters. after the bell rung i looked away from the window, wondering where the time went. "Ah, one of the distant day dreamers...i hope you dont do that everyday Ms.Kidley" Mr. Smith sat next to me. "Im sorry..i..im just taking it all in..im not used to this sort of veiw from my school. usually its just lots of cars and crooks." he smiled kindly at me. "Well from your last years gpa...you seem to be a very smart student. You need help on your next class?" he asked. "Yeah! what is 'Educated media'?" i looked down at my scedule. "Just a fancy way of saying 'Art'" he laughed softly. "Down the hall...youll know it when you hear Ms.D yelling like a crazy lady"
...why did that name sound soo fimilar?

As soon as i walked in i knew, she was sitting in her chair, legs crossed...looking elegant and smiled. "ok everyone take a seat," she looked to me. "Oh ..we have a new student..Hannah? as i recall?" i nodded. "Please leave a good seat for Hannah" she said to the rest of the class. i sat next to a cute pixie looking girl in the back row. she never once looked up from her doodle. "Today we will be doing some free sketching, try to work on people if you dare. ill be coming around in a few to check on your progress" ms.D said, and soon everyones head was down to their papers. mine wasnt... all i did was look at her. her face was soft, and her shirt was cut low...whitch didnt help my staring issue. i glanced from her lips down until she stood up. her eyes where on me as she came close. oh gosh i am in trouble now...i hadnt even began my sketch!
I quickly drew some eye looking thing, when she reached my side. "That is very interesting, Lillan" she said to the pixie like girl next to me. Lillan looked up with light blue eyes and smiled gently at Ms.D. "I have those sketcehes you asked for from over the summer" She said. What? This girl was asked to make pictures from the beautiful woman beside me? I felt a ping of jealously, whitch was stupid because it's not like i had a chance with Ms.D anyway. Lillan pulled out a book full of just pages of sketches, some where very sad looking, like ones of eyes crying out fire. Ms.D smiled at them with praise and layed a hand on Lillians shoulder. "How was the move?" she asked her. Lillian sighed and replied "Moving out of Dads place was kind of upsetting. Mom is always on my case for everything..." I started to relise that Ms.D knew Lillian well. "Well remember I'm here to talk if you need it, and keep up the drawings it seemed to help you a lot" Ms.D patted her shoulder and looked at me, catching my staring gaze again. i quickly looked back at my doodle. "It's not what I thought it would look like..." i muttered softly. but Ms.D had already drifted to the next row back. Lillian looked at my paper and smiled, "I like how you made the eyelashes into knives" she said looking into my eyes. "Oh..thanks. im not as good as you" i joked, but also serious as the same time. "No, there is some famous artists who did nothing but draw sqiuqqly lines, art is anything and i think that is really cool" she said looking down at her paper. then said more quietly. "You like Ms.D dont you?" she glared slyly up to me. "How.." i muttered out. she smirked. "you couldnt take your eyes off her. dont worry, im not into her or anything. she just helped me out through some tough times last year.." she looked back and then to me again. "If my eyes didnt fool me," she whispered "i saw she looked at you too" she continued her sketch and i looked back at my own doodle and sighed. her eyes where obviously insane, no one as beautiful as that woman behind me would ever give me a good glance.