'What war?' May you ask? Well let me explain. In the question and answer section of this club there was a question that regarded a man. Wait, not just a man. A pastor. So yes, Christianity has been brought up. Here is the question: People...were agreeing with this man. Does the thought of this actually happening scare you at all? In the description was this: I was horrified when I saw it. What would you do if they actually went through with this? How would you react? Would you run or rebel? How would you feel if people agreed with this and made it happen?

So yeah, think about that if you haven't seen the question. Actually, go check it out, here's the link just to make it easier for you (link). And answer it too. Yes I am getting your question more views Roxas1314.

Alright, so I am going to assume you've read it, watched the video, and thought about it and hopefully put your opinion to it. You may have also seen my answer but I'm going to post it here so you can see it if you haven't.
My answer:This is extremely terrifying. But this guy is absolutely out of proportion with this. No one could get away with a mass genocide like this. Why? Because first of all, this isn't the 1940's where many people were oblivious to the mass killings of Jews. Not only Jews were killed though. Homosexuals, blacks, or anyone outside of Hitler's Aryan race idea. So anyway not the point. But people who aren't even homosexual support LGBT and I doubt anything like this could be carried out. But if it were to happen and people were aware that they were trying to kill us off... I'm pretty sure we're all smart enough to lie about our sexuality.

But I would definitely rebel against and do whatever I could to fight against something as inane as this. And this is why I am so close to becoming an atheist because you've got these jackasses running up the place. Ridiculous.

Also check out this video someone had on their YouTube page (link). So at first I was like, who is this dude trying to add me as their contact. I added him in the long run and I checked out his profile. It was rainbow themed and everything so I was like, How in the world did this dude know I was... I watched the video and it showed scenes of "Gay Pride" and whatnot, but it also showed the people who were against it. And wow, those feelings of opposition looked pretty strong. Now, about that whole pastor and Christianity thing... I just had to bring it up. Like are you serious? A pastor?! Yeah dude, I doubt God is the kind of person to say, "Hey! I don't like homosexuals! I'm gonna strike them all down with my holy lightning bolt! That'll teach humanity not to like the same sex! They'll never defy natural laws again!" When you think about it, it also depends on what kind of Christian are you? Like me, I am a Catholic. I hate being Catholic. Personally I think there are too many rules. And every time the 'rule' word was brought up in Theology class, they'd say, "No honey, they aren't rules. They are Commandments. *rolls eyes* Commandments, laws, rules, sound like the same thing right? They pretty much are. Look up the definitions and compare them. Then you've got Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran, etc. They've all got their own views of the issue.

All of us have probably already noticed the violence towards homosexuals. School most likely with bullying, being shunned from everyone else, mocking. It's obviously even spread outside of that. In some places it's a little better and others not so much. With all this controversy with Obama and then with Romney...Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if something broke out. If something did...well...we've gotta fight back and stick together with our fellow LGBT and supporters.

I don't believe we're living in the Land of the Free anymore guys...