Dear Everyone I love,
Since the day I was born, since the day I strarted school, You have been dear to me. Whether you are my loving parents, or my loving but still slightly annoying little sister. Whether you where the first one to say "Hello" to me when I started first grade, or the one to give me that extra decorated "Be my valentine" card that turned into my first crush in the 5th grade. To my 7th grade music teacher, an old family friend...and first Lesbian crush. One who had understood me and still loves me like Bfftwdcwasa (Best friends forever till we die cause we are so awesome) To friends who I have been seperated from, and ones who I just met:)
I want you all to know I love you with every inch of my soul, and without even one of you my heart would fall apart. You may know me as you shy daughter, bossy big sister, and wacked up creaative friend who loves unicorns. (Anyway)
But you don't know the daughter who is afraid to tell you she loves other girls/women, the big sister who no matter how many times your annoying I still love you, and will kick boys in the but in they hurt you...the friend who sometimes cries but wont tell you why. Because this person you don't know is afraid of what you will think of her if you knew.
But eventually you all would find out, but I feel like it is my responsabilty to tell you myself.

so, here it goes.

I am Gay.
But I am still me. I am still you shy daughter, your bossy older sister, your Bfftwdcwasa, and I want you to accept that. I mean, I have accepted your akwardness and ...*Cough couch* Straightness for years. But i still love all of you with my heart and soul.

Love, Boo (Wont rele say Boo in the actual letter)