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living_life75 posted on Sep 06, 2008 at 04:07AM
I was wondering how your family took the news that you were LGBT.

I'm bi. My parents weren't supportive when they found out, they kicked me out of the house and they haven't talked to me in two years.

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over a year ago robertchaseicu said…
My parents just laughed at me and they don't believe me
over a year ago Elizewyn said…
My aunt is the only one who knows...yet
The only thing she told me was "but are you going to have children one day ?" lol
over a year ago SouthParkSmart said…
Ouch! I'm really sorry about that, living_life75. I'm not out yet, but my parents have told me before that they would be supportive of me if I turned out to be gay or anything like that. They believe it is something you are born with. I'm just too shy to talk about it.
over a year ago avatar2012 said…
same here southparksmart at least my mom would be idk about my dad. he comes from a very religous family. i just dont know when i should come out.
over a year ago NCIS_Addict_87 said…
My mom went through the phase of "well how do you know your a lesbian, it could be a phase", "maybe the right guy hasn't come along", or "maybe you like both", etc. After she got over the inital shock & those questions she started asking me about getting married & how was she going to get grandchildren. I told her I would have a child, my partner would if they wanted, adoption was an option too. Then she kind of just ignored it for awhile... trying to come to things on her own terms.

When I finally brough my girlfriend home to her she introduced her to everyone as my "friend". I let her do that for awhile before telling her that was unacceptable. She was my girlfriend & I wanted people to know. Slowly she came around and now that I've been in a relationship for almost 5 years with my love, she tells me that if it had been any other girl she isn't sure she could have handled it so well b/c she loves my gf to death. Occasionally she will stay that she still doesn't agree with it, but that she likes that it makes me happy and that it just isn't her cup of tea.

The rest of my family accepted it with no second thoughts, saying they loved me just the same. I lost a few ultra religious friends but it happens.
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over a year ago desgrace said…
sorry about getting kicked out.. i know the feeling.. but i havent come out yet. but my mom said she would support me no matter what, but she would make jokes about it, hence we come from a joking around type of family. but i dont want her to joke when i do come out. because i know i will just stand there and take it. but im working on it now. i plan to tell her soon. and im gonna bring up what i dont want her to do. the rest of my family would say im going against god. that i HAVE to have children and i HAVE to get married to a well groomed nice man. they dont know that i dont want that stuff. and im afraid what they will say, seeing as how my mother went through the same when she ended up pregnant. she got kicked out, black listed, and became the black sheep of the family.. i dont want that to happen to me... so in a way im scared to come out to them. i will try tho.
over a year ago Kyle_S said…
my parents didn't. i told them but they acted no different than any other time. i had taken a red marker and wrote down "i'm gay" in big letters on a peace of paper and showed it to them after my brother got there attenchion for me. it was still like they didn't know i'm alive, but they have always been like that so i count it as excepting.