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Liam and Annie
Liam and Annie
‘Lannie’ moments
‘Lannie’ moments
‘Lannie’ moments
‘Lannie’ moments
‘Lannie’ moments
‘Lannie’ moments
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The fans pick: Yes, definately I think it is possible
Yes, definately I think it is possible
No, they may flirt but that's all that's possible
The fans pick: 1. Liam and Annie are my favorite endgame of all time.
1. Liam and Annie are my favorite endgame of all time.
2. They are a close second, but not my favorite
The fans pick: yes
no, i think nilver are over for good.
The fans pick: Episode 21
Episode 21
Episode 18
The fans pick: YES!
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Liam and Annie Wall

Brylannie said …
New Lannie Banner please!!! Posted 5 months ago
LANfanaddictNIE said …
I miss the chemistry that radiated off the screen whenever Lannie had a moment. Posted 8 months ago
DamonElenaFan commented…
You should really check a new CW drama Reign, there is an amazing and gorgeous couple to ship - Bash and Mary :) 8 months ago
lovebirds said …
Hi, everyone!
Missing my Lannie friends, guys would so love to continue sharing opinions with you. Hope you won't disapear after our show ended. I must say that I got totally hooked with the trailer that CW premiered recently. The show is called Reign. I created a spot for it.
So I invite everyone who is interested. To those who has no clue what is this show about, link:

spot: Posted over a year ago
MaryElizabeth commented…
It's like a year passed since someone actually posted here :D Anyway, I was searching for Reign spot but haven't seen any, nice someone actually made it. I'm definitely in. :) over a year ago
MaryElizabeth commented…
I still can't get over fact that writers were planning Lannie's wedding... I would rather have 90210 for last season than new shows that CW picked, aside from Reign and Originals I doubt there is anything else interesting to watch :( over a year ago
irina_kirs commented…
I'll give it a try. Mainly because I'm really pissed at how there are no decent teen shows in media whatsoever. Hope Reign will be a good one. It's already unique. At least it looks so. I hope it's worth a try. 12 months ago