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Queenst posted on Sep 22, 2011 at 09:03PM
This is a place where Lannie fans can generally talk about anything, even if it's not related to Lannie or 90210.

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Season 5 episode 7 - “99 Problems”

Annie confronts Riley about standing her up for wrongly suspecting that Annie is uncomfortable with his disability. Liam receives a threatening letter that suggests the anonymous source knows the truth about Vanessa’s disappearance, and he’s relived when off-duty L.A.P.D. officer, Ashley Howard, becomes his bodyguard.

Season 5 episode 8 — “902-100”

Liam confides in Annie about Vanessa’s accident and tells Annie about the blackmail threats he’s received. Liam also accepts Navid’s apology for leaking Liam’s sex tape and offers Navid the chance to manage The Offshore.

Season 5 episode 9 – "The Things We Do for Love"

Liam receives a blackmail letter about Vanessa’s accident, and Annie agrees to lend him the money to help trap his blackmailer. But when Adrianna tells Ashley that she spotted Vanessa at the beauty salon, Ashley wrongly suspects that Liam was headed for a secret rendezvous with Vanessa.


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This is a place where Lannie fans can generally talk about anything, even if it's not related to Lann
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over a year ago LindsayLin said…
90210 - Episode 4.07 - It’s The Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark - Press Release

do we seriously need promos with Naomi, stills with Naomi, previews with Naomi , 15+ screen time with Naomi and now even episodes are called "Naomi" , isn't it too much, CW ?

I think Halloween is in this episode!
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago MaryElizabeth said…
am I only one who find it weird how situation with Jane left no impact on Lixon friendship ?
It feels like writers forget that Dixon is Annie's brother when they don't need it. I got it that logically it was Annie who turned Liam down , but Dixon could at least have some awkward moment with Liam , there is no way in real life things would be that simple between people. Liam was interacting and helping another woman, growing closer with her after Jim's death , while Dixon's sister was sitting there waiting for him , and this ass didn't even bother to call her during whole summer ..... that's just WEIRD!!!!!

No , I find it stupid as well. But so far this show proves that Dixon will choose Liam over anyone, even his own sister *rolls eyes*

How do you guys want them to develop their relationships and get back together ?
I mean:
1. Have love-hate interaction
2. developing friendship , trying to deny feeling but eventually reuniting
3. Or just hook up again ? :)

I wish 1 to happen , but I believe it will be 3
over a year ago lanniefan said…
ugh, I'm sick of Naomi: Naomi here, Naomi there , Naomi everywhere. :S When show was about Wilson's show had so much higher ratings , obviously people aren't that much involved in some blond girls college competitions drama. This show became so shallow since the moment they made her lead. And I'm asking why ? I mean I like Naomi , I do dislike her annoying fans , but she's tolerable. BUT it's so unserious to put her in center with her immature storylines. I don't understand why CW doesn't change it , considering that people all over the internet are writting that there is too much Naomi.

How do you guys want them to develop their relationships and get back together ?

I'm disappointed in writers and what they are doing to Liam. i thought they are different than Rebecca , well , obviously I was wrong. I think reunion will be similar to season 3 - without any sort of build up :/ Although , pool scene with Liam checking Annie and thanksgiving leaves some space for a miserable hope :P
over a year ago lanniefan said…
over a year ago MaryElizabeth said…
best part of the episode :P
over a year ago Queenst said…
I already want second half of season to start , I don't feel like we'll move anywhere with material they give us now , it's painfuly boring
over a year ago LannieDelenaVD said…
Its just really really boring without lannie.......Now I promise you I can't stand ''This new liam''
over a year ago Queenst said…
this song started to remind me of Lannie , as sad sounding as their current situation
over a year ago LannieDelenaVD said…
Listen this music.........Just amazingggggggg......Delena's scene was justttttt wonderfullllllllllllllll
over a year ago MaryElizabeth said…
I love these songs
over a year ago sidney_sunny said…
There is a pic with Patrick and Annie for 4.07 available. Nothing special.
over a year ago Queenst said…
big smile
at least it's not with them kissing ^
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Queenst said…
I would love to have storyline where Annie uses Patrick for money , but I don't want another lame "I'm falling for you" cr*p
over a year ago MaryElizabeth said…
some people are saying Jeremy is returning , I don't really understand where this statement cames from .... :/
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago MaryElizabeth said…
over a year ago lurvetv said…
jeremy is coming back on the show in episode either 10 or 11
not to date annie though
in the sides it all has to do with the necklace
over a year ago lanniefan said…
I don't really know how I'll feel if he'll return
over a year ago LannieDelenaVD said…
Liam in the 4-08...........
Liam in the 4-08...........
over a year ago buffy9802 said…
I just found out a spoiler about the Vegas episode,Patrick is going 2 cheat on Annie.The Hot For The Teacher is going 2 be Silver.
over a year ago lanniefan said…
Gregory: I am ashamed to admit 90210 is my new obsession. Scoop me please.
No shame in your game, Greg-o. We are closet 9-0 fans too. (Shhh!) We're hearing that Annie (Shenae Grimes) will catch her rich boyfriend cheating on her in Vegas. And Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Dixon (Tristan Wilds) are gonna get bizzay.

I must say it's LAME. Be creative writers , please. I was so hoping Patrick will abuse Annie , or put her in situation where Liam will save her ..... just pppffff. This will probably lead to Annie staying a way from men , what I like , girl needs to stop throw herself at everyone who suggests to date her. I hope it doesn't mean they'll bring a girl for Annie now :S
over a year ago lanniefan said…
over a year ago MaryElizabeth said…
I don't understand , Patrick should be there for 5 episodes, actor himself confirmed it. Vegas is in episode 9, so after his cheating he'll stay FOR SOME REASON for 2 more episodes , please don't tell me Annie will forgive him .............................
over a year ago lanniefan said…
this show is so ridiculous , I wouldn't be surprised .Would better see Patrick blackmailing her , than lame "dating" storyline , WTH is drama there ?
over a year ago Queenst said…
over a year ago lanniefan said…
Marlee is not giving her review , must be bad episode :(