Linds looks good in stripes!
*February 9, 2011: Lohan was charged with the theft of a necklace reported stolen from a jewelry store in January. She was sentenced to 120 days in jail, 360 hours of community service at the Downtown Women's Center, and 120 hours at the L.A. County morgue for misdemeanor theft and probation violation, to which she pled no contest.Due to jail overcrowding, Lohan served the sentence under house arrest, wearing a tracking ankle monitor, for 35 days between May 26 and June 29. While under house arrest, Lohan failed a random alcohol test. A judge decided it did not constitute a probation violation and Lohan would receive no additional punishment.

*October 19, 2011: Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked Lohan's probation, sent her to jail, and set bail at $100,000. Sautner told Lohan that if she wanted to avoid any further punishment, she must complete 16 hours of community service at the morgue before her next hearing. Lohan posted bail a short time later and was released.

*November 2, 2011: During probation hearing, Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail, of which she is expected to serve two days or less due to jail overcrowding, and 400 hours of community service. If she fails to complete the community service she will receive another 270 days in the county jail.

Judge Sutner states: “This is what we call putting the keys to jail in the defendant’s hands. It’s up to you Ms. Lohan”

*November 6, 2011: Lohan reports to jail. She is released within hours on Monday morning, November 7, 2011
So sad; Linds in denial.