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'Living Things' review by a Fan

Opinion by LoveDraco123 posted over a year ago
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As well all know, the long-anticipated album 'Living Things' was released, and it went viral immediately! I, personally, listened to it once before writing this article, and WHILE I'm writing it, it's playing for the second time. As a die-hard fan, I'm going to try to be unbiased. It's going to be difficult, because I happen to like every single Linkin Park song that they release, and am unable to find improvements in them. If I try hard to be a critic, I come up with two or three points, but that's about it. For me, a Linkin Park song can never be bad. It can be 'slightly less-awesome' but never bad. So, here goes.

Ratings range from: Good, Very Good, Excellent.

The album starts off with 'Lost in the Echo.' The intro is slightly electronic, which got some raised eyebrows from me. Then, the bass kicked in and the eyebrows fell back to their place. Then, the guitars jumped in, and I decided to go with the flow. Mike's rap in this is absolutely flawless, in my opinion. Chester's chorus takes me on a trip to memory lane as I recall my obsession with Hybrid Theory and Meteora. At the end of the second chorus, listening to Chester's scream, I know that I'm in for something special.
- Track rating: Very good.

The second song in store for us is 'In My Remains.' The sound is slightly electronic mixed with heavy rock. The verse seemed promising, but the chorus sounded surprisingly similar to the chorus in the first song. Okay, that's the first point I came up with. Anything else? Let's see. The song dies down to drums after the second chorus, and whoa! That's Mike. 'Like an army falling one by one by one.' He starts off soft, and the words are intensified as Chester joins in to sing. And then, the chorus once more, with Mike vocalizing the outro. I was a little skeptical about the song at first, but it's really something.
- Track rating: Very good.

Then comes Burn It Down. We've all heard this song, because it's been released for a while now. For me, listening to this song a few months ago was like love at first hear? The intro is fantastic. Chester's voice in the verses and the chorus is fantastic. The lyrics are flawless. The music and the melody is SO catchy, this song will remain in your head a long time after you've heard it. I thought Mike's rap was 'alright' when he said his first two or three lines, but right before he emphasizes, 'fan the flames as your blazes burn,' I thought that Burn It Down was made better because of the rap. So, overall, best song yet.
- Track rating: Excellent.

Then comes Lies, Greed and Misery. I had heard this song before the album was released as well, since Linkin Park posted it on its YouTube channel. Again, love at first hear. As people have been saying, 'we thought Linkin Park didn't have the hardcore feel anymore, but now we realize that they were just ducking to reload.' Yes, that's true. I haven't heard a song this heavy from Linkin Park since No More Sorrow and Given Up from Minutes to Midnight. But, they haven't lost their magic in heavy music either. Because this song is absolutely great! Mike's rap is full of feel, Chester's chorus is oh-so-fantastic, and the outro gets me to want to listen to this song over and over.
- Track rating: Very Good.

What's next? I'll Be Gone. Well, to be honest, I'm not SURE about this song. The first time I listened to the album, I forgot about the song as soon as it ended. For me, a song has to be memorable; otherwise, what's the point? Listening to it the second time, the verse is okay. It's not something extraordinary, but it's okay. The chorus is trying to grab at my attention, and I think it might even be somewhat catchy. But Chester's 'Let me go,' portions seem to be so much like the Catalyst's 'Lift me up, let me go,' that it's pulling at my nerves a little. Overall, the song is good, but not up to Linkin Park's standards, you know? Slightly less awesome, if you recall. Or maybe it'll take me a few more listens to fall in love with it. Hey, not everything can be love at first hear, can it?
- Track rating: Good.

Ah, now the song that REALLY grabbed my attention. And I listened to it thrice in a go. Castle of Glass. It's probably the most predictable sound that Linkin Park's ever done. It's simple, but it's SO catchy. When Mike starts singing his part, you're instantly mesmerized by his voice and the words. Then the bass kicks in, and you just fly up to some mystic place that no one but people who have listened to and felt this song have discovered. The first chorus with Mike and Chester singing in synchronization = perfection. Drums and guitars introduce the second verse, and your head's automatically moving back and forth. Because the song is SO good. And the lyric 'I'm only a crack in this castle of glass,' relates to everyone in this world, and it ignites something deep within you that makes you want to play this song again. And again. AND AGAIN. I say, best song so far.
- Track rating: Excellent.

Now comes another song I'm not very sure about. It's called Victimized. I'm sure that a few years ago, I would have been head over heels in love with this song. It's heavy, it's full of emotion, and it's attention-grabbing but I don't know if I'm into that screamy thing anymore. Because it's been a long time since I heard something like this. The intro is good. The first words are okay. Chesters 'Victimized' is a bit too heavy for my taste, but I'm sure the people who love the heaviness in music will LOVE it. Mike's portion is again, very good. The song is short, compared to the rest. Overall, it's good.
- Track rating: Good.

Roads Untraveled was another song that caught my attention as soon as Mike sang his first words. 'Weep not for roads untraveled' was something that hit home. The song builds up as the music intensifies until Chester chimes in with his 'Whoaa-oh,' and the song is immediately worth remembering. Again, it's on the softer side of Linkin Park and this album, but it blends in well with the rest of the songs nevertheless. The guitars are an added bonus, and they give the song a good variation. For me, the song's highest point is Chester's vocals. They're haunting, yet soothing. And they're genius. The outro is heavy but has an impact.
- Track rating: Excellent.

Skin to Bones was also a very good song, but to me and a few other people, it sounded a bit similar to the previous track. I know there's no similarity in terms of music and the beat of it, but the structure is quite similar. I mean, soft intro with Mike singing until Chester repeats the same words in his own sort of haunting way. So, considering that, it's similar to Roads Untraveled, but it's unique in its own way, also. The song is good. It's catchy, and I personally love it.
- Track rating: Very Good.

Until It Breaks is ANOTHER song I'm not very sure about. Whether I love it, I don't know. I like it, yes, but again, it pales in comparison to other songs in this wonderful album. Personally, it sparks some memories from A Thousand Suns' 'Wretches and Kings.' Come to think of it, Mike's portion sounds quite similar to W&K. Even after the second listen, I'm not totally convinced about how to summarize this song in terms of opinion. I really don't know what to say about this song. HOWEVER, I find a new voice in this song. Who is it? Brad? I think so. It sounds something out of a choir, and it's genius. It's refreshing, and it snaps you out of your uncertainty. I finally have something to say about this song. Hah.
- Track rating: Good.

Tinfoil is basically an instrumental, and it leads up AND is also a part of the final song, Powerless. Tinfoil is, as I like to think of it, a cool down from the album, leading up to the finale. Small, and soothing.
- Track Rating: Good.

Powerless begins with Chester's vocals. At first, I didn't know what to think of the song, but then Chester brings it up with his 'and you held it all...' and I want to know what this song is about. His saying, 'Powerless' triggers the actual entry of instruments and beats into this song. The second verse is MUCH better than the first, and by the end of it, you're joining in with Chester at the chorus. After that, the song just keeps getting better and better. More variations, it gets heavier, then softer with another chorus, then back to its normal pace. And then, with that, the album ends with a bang. Soft, slow, and soothing, with the hope of another such great album coming up soon.
- Track rating: VERY good.

So overall, this album is amazing. Personally, I love all their albums. Hybrid Theory and Meteora had something special of their own, while Minutes to Midnight shocked all the fans with its sudden twist and softness. A Thousand Suns was, again, a shocker but all their albums were very good. This album seems more matured and decided rather than experimental. So, it's safe to say, it's one of their best.
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