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Fan fiction by katelover14 posted over a year ago
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Humphrey thought to himself finally I'm back.I wonder if Kate is still living here my bike is still here.Humphrey walks to the door.he opens up the door.Humphrey:I'm back baby from the war.Humphrey hears Kate giggling upstairs and he smiles.Humphrey walks up the stairs he hears more giggling.and he walks down the hallway.he opens the door his smile turns to a frown.Kate:sees him and stares at Humphrey.Kate:Humphrey i didn't know wait! Humphrey doesn't listen to Kate and just runs down the stairs and starts his bike and drives away from Kate's house. Kate runs onto the deck to see him driving away.Kate:why did i do this i didn't know he was coming back im such a fucking idiot! Humphrey drives to see a tree he thought that he might just to sit under the tree. Humphrey:i cant belive she done this! i guess i could see if mooch salty and shakey is there at the bar.humphrey drives to the bar he orders two bottles of beer.bar keeper:son Ive seen that look before you gotten cheated. humphrey:yes i gotten cheated on.why your wife did?bar keeper:no but i seen other fellers here that had that same look.humphrey drinks the last keg.humphrey sees his war buddies.humphrey walks over to them and...
Opinion by SweetHoneyBunny posted over a year ago
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He is very talented,
With both music and art.
He can sing, he can draw,
He's really quite smart.

He is loyal, he is true,
To all of his friends.
He'll tell you how he's feeling,
To help him heal and mend.

He's there when you need him,
He's there when you don't.
He's there to chat or even hang out,
He's always good for a cry or a joke.

He's an amazing friend,
One to be cherished not forsaken.
He has your back in a fight,
I hope this friendship is never taken.

Dedicated to Tyler Lucas (lionkingT)

Opinion by lionkingT posted over a year ago
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I feel so empty inside
Like I had a knife shoved through my heart
As if some one carved me out like a pumpkin
And you are the one with the knife at hand
You are the one who hallowed me out
I feel the stinging pains of lies
You tore me apart on the inside
You let the person who loves you the most down
And now my dreams will be just that
I always believed you deserved better than me
And you still do
I will miss you my love
When you go just let these words echo in your mind
"Remember that I have and always will love you"
Goodbye my friend
~ Tyler James Lucas