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Lions Question

Are lions AWESOME!?

I think they r!
 awesomeaspen posted over a year ago
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Lions Answers

maddy982 said:
TWO words ...UHH DUHH!!!! they are the best!! and we shood enjoy them now cuz its gonna b sooo sad when the time comes that your grandchildren are gonna be asking you "what is a lion?" I am SERIOUSLY going to cry if i ever get that question.....
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posted over a year ago 
I totally agree I mean last night I saw a movie and it was about a white lion cub! It was found in the basment of a POACHERS house :( they arrested the man but the cub was put in the zoo.... peaple did not think he was cute AT ALL the little kids threw things at him, and then one day he killed one! (I think the kid deserved it ) well you see they took him away to be killed but, a little boy always sneak down to draw him and pet him and so he didnt want him to be killed and well the little boy sneak him out and let him go to be free :) made me cry
LaurenAliyah777 posted over a year ago
LaughingHyena said:
Yep, lions are awesome. If I'm honest, I like hyenas a tad more though...hence my username. But they're still fab animals.
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posted over a year ago 
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