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She seems gay.  KTHXBAI 0 2074 over a year ago
one word to describe LE  pumpkinpie99 84 2037 over a year ago
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Lisa E. pregnant or not pregnant  CathCuddy 6 1098 over a year ago
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Just Another Talking About Everything Lisa Connected Thread  pietruszka 0 1067 over a year ago
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Medals!!!!  HuddyCrazy1331 28 870 over a year ago
If you could say one thing to Lisa...  huddysmacked 11 848 over a year ago
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Get Lisa E on Ellen  huddyrules 1 734 over a year ago
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Lisa E on Chelsea!  HuddyRox 1 703 over a year ago
Death of LE Spot  pietruszka 8 701 over a year ago
WHY?  huddy_aimee 9 674 over a year ago
How to contact Lisa!!!  Seddy 9 665 over a year ago
My opinion about Lisa!  HouseAddict87 3 655 over a year ago
A Lisabian Needs Your Help!  misanthrope86 5 629 over a year ago
Special Delivery movie will be on at christmas  luvvlisaedels 1 599 over a year ago
List all the reasons you can think of WHY LISA SHOULD BE INVITED to Ellen's show.  Meredithdaee 15 576 over a year ago
New Spot Icon :)  pietruszka 6 515 over a year ago
Countdown to 700 fans!!!  huddyislove 23 511 over a year ago
Quotes!  Fashion_life 3 498 over a year ago
Lisa will star in a movie  busanbusan 5 485 over a year ago
Special Delivery!  HouseAddict87 0 457 over a year ago
Today my friend made me sooooo happy!!  EnjoyHuddy 5 451 over a year ago
Special Delivery - starring Lisa - had premier last night in UK!  busanbusan 2 430 over a year ago
New Lisa E Message board  HuddyRox 0 412 over a year ago
Ratings...  EnjoyHuddy 9 402 over a year ago
just a thought  pumpkinpie99 3 340 over a year ago
Green Medal  cicino1 4 327 over a year ago
Cowntdown to 500  xxiwuuxx 2 327 over a year ago
Join my new spot- LiLa( A spot for fans of both Lisa Edelstein & Lauren Graham)  rosehustle1 0 322 over a year ago
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WOMEN LEADERS ON TV  helenaM 0 222 over a year ago
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