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chrisjenkins said …
raphael the ark angel Posted 5 months ago
chrisjenkins said …
star trek federation enterprise, and star wars fan.

love ya girl

christopher keith jenkins Posted 5 months ago
chrisjenkins said …
would definitely think of getting an education or doing something great with your life like code writeing.
i work in business it and date entry.
and ironically im an automotive service technician
and fbi agent Posted 5 months ago
ljhenricksen commented…
Lisa Marie: Thank you for standing up for kids-and fighting against the govt. oveloading our children with ant-psychotic drugs.I am one of the mothers who fought for her child not to be on these very dangerous in 2007. I felt if my son had to be put on something, the medication should of been staggered instead of all at once. My son had not yet been diagnosed with autism, and was not til 2010.The goverment has a way around parents defending their children. I was charged with medical neglect; because I tried to prevent my son from becoming a human guinea pig!! Many people don't realize; that though these psychotropics had been tested on adults; they had not been tested for side-affects on children. Well, I take that back; they were being tested on poor children. Where the hospital put that they could give or do anything to my son that they wanted to. I crossed this out, and put that they could only give him what I agreed to. It is the very reason I was charged with medical neglect. I w 4 months ago