Full name: Lisa Marie Presley
D.O.B: February 1st, 1968
Parents: Elvis (died August 16, 1977) and Priscilla Presley
Children: Danielle Riley,Benjamin Storm Keough, Harper Vivienne Ann, and Finley Aaron Love
Siblins: Navarone Garibaldi (half brother)
Marriages: Danny Keough (October 3rd, 1988 - May 6th, 1994)
Michael Jackson (May 26th, 1994 - January 18th, 1996)
Nicolas Cage (August 10th, 2002 - November 25th, 2002)
Michael Lockwood (January 22nd, 2006 - Present)

For her second birthday, Elvis flew Lisa Marie and Priscilla to Las Vegas, where he filled her room with balloons - and a slot machine just for Lisa Marie.

When she was four, Priscilla moved Lisa Marie from Graceland to California, where they began living with karate champ Mike Stone.

For her sixth birthday, Elvis gave Lisa Marie a kid-sized golf cart on which she could roam the 14 acres of Graceland.

In 1975, seven-year-old Lisa Marie visited her dad, who was performing in Lake Tahoe. He arranged to have her go backstage to meet the lead singer of one of the hottest boy bands of the era: 17-year-old Michael Jackson.

For Lisa Marie's 10th birthday, Priscilla arranged a lunch for her with heartthrob John Travolta, who eventually introduced them to Scientology.

Elvis named his private jet Lisa Marie and bought real furs and jewels for his toddler daughter.

Elvis' various girlfriends became de facto nannies for Lisa Marie. They had to care for her, watch after her and even bathe her.

After Lisa's father died, Priscilla was put in charge of the Presley estate. Through lawsuits and shrewd business deals, she revived the family fortune so that her daughter would have something to inherit.

In his will, Elvis left everything to Lisa Marie, who would take full control of it when she turned 25. She later delayed that by five years.

On her 30th birthday, Lisa Marie Presley became one of the most powerful women in entertainment when she took control of Elvis Presley Enterprises, worth an estimated $150 million. The organization works to preserve and market the name, image and likeness of Elvis.

In 1994, she married Michael Jackson in the Dominican Republic just 20 days after divorcing musician Danny Keough.

At one point, she legally changed her name to Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson.

In 2002, she testified before Congress, speaking out against medicating children for mental disorders.