Lisa Simpson takes after both her
parents: she has Marge's common
sense,hard work ethic and sympathy for others.
She has Homer's
enormous intelligence and moral
authority place her in a unique position in the Simpsons family--
and,for that matter,Springfeild at large.

Each parents' night at Springfield Elementary,
Homer and Marge fight
to meet Lisa's teachers rather that Bart's on the theory
that being offers a tin of cookies as thanks is less
''upsetting'' and ''costly'' than
reviewing quarterly property damage
assessments for melted playground equipment.
A devoted vegetarian,this second grader
also plays the saxophone with the
virtuosity,if not the stubble,of Springfeild's late blues great,
Bleeding Gums Murphy.

For the record,Lisa says she
watches TV only for 'The MacNeil/
Lehrer Report'' --particularly
since it expanded to one hour --
and any Masterpice Theatre
serialization of wordy British
novels.In truth,however, she is
always willing to interrupt a
piercing MacNeil-Lehrer roundtable
whenever her beloved ''Itchy & Scratchy''
cartoon are on TV, Her
deep love for cartoon characters
proves that, no matter how
precocious she may be,Lisa is
still a Simpson