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The fans pick: Perrie's- strong, powerful voice with a lot of range.
The fans pick: Jade
All of them
The fans pick: Jade
The fans pick: wied people
wied people
A. DI. I. D. A. S
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mjlover4lifs said …
Happy 23rd Birthday Perrie!! 💘 Posted 4 months ago
Bessie1230 said …

Hello everyone! I was wondering if you would mind answering this questionnaire I produced for my A2 Media Studies. We have to find out about their audiences and fans.

Thak you :) Posted 5 months ago
LovablePony said …
Any advice?Im being bullied at my school...I don't know what to do and how to stand up to them Posted 6 months ago
lucymix commented…
Ask a friend or adult that you can trust to talk through it with you and help give advice! Try and ignore them or say something clever back to show them that you are way more insecure than them! 6 months ago
karaWilson09 commented…
If they hit you hot them 10x harder or lf they take something of of 2 months ago
karaWilson09 commented…
Sorry I mentioned if they take something off of you and it's telly important to you. You take something special from them . if they hit you hit them 10 x harder 2 months ago
karaWilson09 commented…
And if they bully you bully them back so they can see how it feels to be bulled 2 months ago