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Little Mix 'DNA' Album Track List!

Opinion by Vamp_Fan_25 posted over a year ago
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YAy Little Mix are releasing their first full album!!
DNA will be released on the in November and this is the track list for their new album;

1. Wings
2. DNA
3. Change Your Life
4. Always Be Together
5. Stereo Soldier
6. Pretend It’s OK
7. Turn Your Face
8. We Are Who We Are
9. How Ya Doin’? (Ft. Slick Rick)
10. Red Planet (Ft. T-Boz)
11. Going Nowhere
12. Madhouse

Now we know the songs all we have to do is wait for this album to come.Get your copy of DNA on the 19 of November 2012 :)
DNA album cover ^_^
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Reema11 said:
OHHH !!! i cant wait
posted over a year ago.
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kamille13 said:
Is it comming to the us
posted over a year ago.
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arny2 said:
I need the Album NOW! <3 I really love 'em!
posted over a year ago.
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I Missed it but im gonna put it on mah Christmas list,
posted over a year ago.