Nzelde and Lizzy were split up at birth and Nzelde was found by 2 'loving' people. So loving that they abused her and used her like a slave. On Nzelde's 16th birthday they told her the truth which drove her into running away. When she reached the forest, she somehow regained her memories and was hell-bent on finding her sister.
She succeeded and found her being attacked by a cyclops. Nzelde got so pumped up and pissed off that she helped. She admitted to being Lizzy's sister then the 2 just made sure that they were related. When they got proof, they agreed to joining forces but then, one day Nzelde found out that her sister was evil when she saw Lizzy killing hoards of knights-good knights. She questioned Lizzy about this. She said that yes, she was evil-ish. Not entirely. This made Nzelde want to make her sister good. When Lizzy overheard her sister's plans she lost it. She turned against her and evilness seeped in.