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DreamyMuffin said …
...Being lonely isn't all that's actually nice.
I enjoy the time i have when alone.Then is when i can really think... Posted over a year ago
ilovelucario said …
22 years...*sighs* well im getting older and older each year and each year it pass away my feelings are getting bigger and bigger i mean...why...why do people with good intentions, with a good heart, with good feelings, a person who likes to hear other people and thats not close to having your other half? mmm...i can't stabd that im gonna spend the rest of my life all alone...i can't accept that i will die alone with no one at my me?...its already dead for me...VERY....DEAD... Posted over a year ago
hieveryone commented…
Love is not dead for you and neither is our friendship :) cheer up!!! You know I love you! (friend love but still) if you feel unloved than your feelings are deceiving you! over a year ago
LoneWOLF2272 commented…
Gawd i know that feeling...19 years for me.....hadnt had a single friend in real life. All because im quiet....its not my fault i cant socialize well! But no...ppl just had to bully me wen i was in school..ppl just had to judge me so harshely. v.v over a year ago
anica said …
i'm alone in a place full of strangers Posted over a year ago