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Opinion by Booyahboy posted over a year ago
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Read the Book. Ignore the Film
Alright, I have a very strong opinion about 'the Lord of The Flies' colour film. IT SUCKS!! I have good reasons for my opinion, as you will see. if you disagree with my view, feel free to call me an idiot or watever in the comments.

1: in the film, the children are AMERICAN!! Not that there is anything wrong with americans in general, but it's a BRITISH book, and there is absoloutely NO REASON why the children should be made into AMERICANS!! What the hell is the point of making them american when the book says they're british and part of the message of the book is that that was how Golding believed Britsh children would react in those circumstances.

2: There's an ADULT on the Island!! WHY!! the whole point is that there ARE NO ADULTS!! I mean adults represent civilisation and rules, the fact that there are no adults allows the children to start a NEW SOCIETY.

3: the children are from a military academy. They should be SCHOOL CHILDREN!! Military implies training, and military children arent like normal school children. they generall have been separated from their parents already. also, since they come from the same school, it implies that they...