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Opinion by terhenetar posted over a year ago
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First of all, let me point out that it is by no means an attempt to justify or excuse Dark Lord’s actions, merely an attempt to understand them and his motives. It is also strongly influenced by existentialism and my slightly fatalistic mood.

Following Sartre’s “Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices” it’s easy to say that the Dark Lord “ made all the wrong choices" i.e. he could have been a Minister for Magic, an ingenious inventor or a celebrity, but chose, and therefor became, the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time. True, it is Tom Marvolo Riddle, and perhaps Riddle only, who is to blame for all his wrongdoings and for becoming Lord Voldemort, yet, as I have stated in the very beginning, the issue of responsibility is not the subject of this analysis.

What I want to deal with, is why Tom made these choices. I see him as a person who desires all the "wrong" things and is aware of that, let me quote Sartre "If I satiate my desires, I sin but I deliver myself from them; if I refuse to satisfy them, they infect the whole soul." So this is Voldemort, or rather still Tom Marvolo Riddle, a lonely orphan who wants power and...
Guide by Luna--Lovegood posted over a year ago
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How to annoy, agitate, or freak out Lord Voldemort.
WARNING: Attempt these at your own risk. Author is not responsible for any deaths or torture from trying these.

1. Tell him that Bellatrix is waiting for him to propose.

2. Tell him that Harry is in love with him.

3. Write an apology letter to the Daily Prophet that looks as though it's from him.

4. Turn his Dark Mark into a tatoo of a kitten.

5. Ask him just WHEN did he last take a shower?

6.Anonymously send him a wig.

7. Constantly wink at him, and tell him that his secret is safe with you.

8. Steal Nagini. When he demands her back, claim she likes living with you better.

9.Call him "Moldy Voldy the Baldy".

10. Make retching noises whenever you see his face.

11. Write, "I WISH I HAD A GIRLFRIEND" on the back of his cloak.

12. "Re-decorate" his headquarters. Make sure to use LOTS of pink and glitter.
Opinion by jadle811 posted over a year ago
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Tom Riddle, aslo know as Lord Voldemort, was in Slytherin. But should he have been?

Slytherin is for pure bloods only, just as Gryfindor is the brave. The sorting hat has said so every time we hear it's song. But didn't in the Chamber of Secrets Voldemort's memory of himself that was trapped in the diary addmit that he had a muggle father. And in the the Goblet of Fire the Riddle's had a muggle gardener. So what gives?

But if he hadn't been in Slytherin, which house would he have been in? Slytherin was for bad people. But not all pure bloods are bad, like Ronald Weasly.

I have tought over this many times and I am stuck. What house would Tom have gone into if not Slytherin. He was vaguly smart, pretty brave but he would never have been aloud into Gryfindor, and so maybe Hufflepuff. But not all Slytherins are pure blooded, but thats what they are supposed to be. Or maybe it was because he was a pracletounge?