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Skate - "Come Here Boy"

Jack\Kate - All I Need

Claire and Eko - Uptown Girl

Jate - "Everything"

Claire/Miles Forget It

Lost Couples - "My Lover's Gone"

Shannon & Boone - "I Survived You"

Jack & Kate - "Run"

Sawyer & Sun - "Sun and Rain"

Boone and Shannon

Sawyer & Claire "Fairytale"

Claire/Miles Thousand Mile Wish

Sun & Jin - "Slipping Away"

Kate and Tom - "White Flag"

Apologize - jawyer/jate AU - Part I

Charlie & Claire - "Young and Reckless"

Aaron/Ji Yeon

Jack and Juliet - Romeo and Juliet theme

Jack&Juliet - Be My Escape

Jin/Sun - "Lucky Ones"

Ana Lucia/Jack - "I Miss You"

Claire/Sawyer - "How Does It Feel"

J&K - Stolen

Jate - "Pressure"

Shannon/Desmond/Claire - "Sober"

Kate and Tom - "Viva Forever"

Kate and Tom - "She's in Love with the Boy"

Charlie and Sun - "Falling Inside The Black"

Claire/Shannon - "All The Same"

Shannon and Boone - "Unfaithful"

Shannon and Boone - "Chasing Cars"

Faraday and the Lost Ladies - "Begging You For Mercy"

Shannon and Sayid - "The Ghost of You"

Shannon and Sayid - "Anywhere But Here"

Shannon and Sayid - "Slipped Away"

Sayid and Shannon - "Hello"

Skate - "Consequence"

Charlie and Claire - "All We Are"

Hurley and Libby - "Anyone Else But You"

Ben and Kate - "Yesterday"

Lost Couples - "I've Just Seen A Face"

Sawyer and Claire - "Bleeding Love"

Charlie/Claire/Sawyer - "Only One"

Charlie and Claire - "Ever The Same"

Charlie and Claire - "The Call"

Kate and her Boys - "Oops! I Did it Again!"

Lost Boys - "Sweet Escape"

Brazilian Lost Promo - The Kisses

Jacket - "One of Those Girls"

Jacket - "You and Me"