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Which any Horror movie villains that would fit into Lost Girl?  Faesquad91 0 855 11 months ago
Which Lost Girl crossover would you like to see?  LLheart 3 2693 11 months ago
Lost Girl Discord  PikulaChin 0 1283 over a year ago
Ranting thread, shipping rants, random rants, rant about anything.  SpikesGirl 7 2267 over a year ago
I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING  servanttosilk 4 2142 over a year ago
Valkabus  jesco777 3 2244 over a year ago
Who would you like to see at a Lost Girl ComicCon Panel, what would you ask them and why would you want to know?  servanttosilk 1 1796 over a year ago
Hey do you have any questions for the writers?  servanttosilk 2 842 over a year ago
The love triangle  imej97 6 1583 over a year ago
Cutest Moments on Lost Girl  imej97 8 3210 over a year ago
Season 5 Wishlist  LLheart 4 979 over a year ago
S3E09 The Ceremony - Episode Discussion  LLheart 1 1151 over a year ago
Like, Ship, Kiss [Hiatus Madness]  LLheart 4 1418 over a year ago
Q&A Lost Girl Hiatus Madness  LLheart 1 1385 over a year ago
Lost Girl Cast Icon Competition  gemzybabyox 3 775 over a year ago
What's your Lost Girl ship?  LLheart 6 2137 over a year ago
Who do you prefer? [Hiatus Madness]  LLheart 2 429 over a year ago
Lost Girl Season 4 Wishlist  LLheart 1 3972 over a year ago
Top 3 characters to kill  LLheart 0 566 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug, Slap Game [ LG Edition ]  LLheart 24 2323 over a year ago
The ABC's of Kenzi!!  SpikesGirl 24 1151 over a year ago
Lost Girl Memorable Quotes  LLheart 28 35914 over a year ago
This or that game (our lost "boys" of lost girl)  SpikesGirl 39 2287 over a year ago
@SoFaemous back for S3!!!  BoBeliever13 0 1002 over a year ago
Lost Girl Music Challenge  LLheart 2 1413 over a year ago
Lost Girl Questionnaire  LLheart 4 2198 over a year ago
Last Letter Game  SpikesGirl 12 627 over a year ago
Lost Girl Season 3 thoughts  LLheart 2 3978 over a year ago
Lost Girl Season 3 Wishlist  LLheart 6 4515 over a year ago